Ways to Engage with #StartupCincy

For those of you who caught Cintrifuse CEO Wendy Lea’s ‘lecture’ at the Mercantile Library last night, she inspired the crowd and encouraged them to find ways to get engaged in the #StartupCincy scene.

Here are a few of the lightpost events broken out so you can add to your calendars and follow up as you wish:

The Brandery Community Pitch Event – (late October) A demo day for the general public; get a chance to hear from the latest crop of Brandery grads as they demonstrate (demo) their new ventures.

Cincinnati Startup Day, hosted by The Brandery  – (roughly quarterly…) An opportunity for those just exploring the world of startups. Giving them the chance to interact with Brandery mentors as well as recent grads of The Brandery program.

CincyTech Big Breakfast – (early November) A chance for CincyTech to show off its portfolio of investments and for #StartupCincy to mingle

Startup Weekend – (Fall and Spring) A 54-hour event where developers, designers, marketers, product managers, and startup enthusiasts come together to share ideas, form teams, build products, and launch startups.

Startup Grind (monthly) ‘Fireside chats’ with local luminaries from within the startup scene. Hosted at The Brandery.

Queen City Angels Morning Mentoring at HCBC (monthly) An entrepreneurial coaching program that matches startups with experienced entrepreneurs and other successful business people.

These events and more can be found on the Cintrifuse community calendar (developed by Hapzing – a Cincinnati startup).

This page will tell you all you need to know about becoming a mentor/advisor to Cintrifuse member startups.

To stay in touch with the heartbeat of #StartupCincy – follow @Cintrifuse on Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter (developed by Cerkl – a Cincinnati startup) by clicking here.

Click here for a very comprehensive recap of Wendy’s Mercantile Library talk courtesy of the good folks over at Strap. And here is the HBR article referenced.

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