UpTech Demo Day – Class III Shows Off

Last night Up Tech’s third graduating class treated #StartupCincy to some great ideas. Seven companies, each with their own unique brand of innovation, gave great presentations. Overall, it was a great night for celebrating all the accomplishments #StartupCincy.

But last night showcased more than innovative ideas. It showcased why Cincinnati’s startup community is thriving.

And it’s really no surprise. Last month, contributor Brandt Page outlined the 7 things startups can do to thrive outside of California and New York. And, as it turns out, last night we saw Cincinnati startups doing those very things.

Startups Helping Startups

Nekst UpTech Demo Day
Brad Keppler shows how Nekts will help real estate agents retain customers.

The real estate market is notoriously difficult for SaaS companies to break into. But in 2008, Dotloop succeed and has seen massive growth over the years. Currently,  Dotloop has over 600,000 users and is on track to be one of #StartupCincy’s biggest successes. So last night it was great to see Dotloop giving back to #StartupCincy.

They’re sharing their experience and expertise with Nekst, another SaaS company in the real estate industry. They are helping Brad Keppler and the Nekst team navigate the very industry they started disrupting in 2008.

What it all comes down to is successful startups in Cincinnati helping out the new guys. Sharing their knowledge, expertise and experience. Helping new entrepreneurs navigate the ecosystem – helping them succeed.

Corporate Involvement

Candice Peters UpTech Demo Day
Candice Peters shows the crowd how Hello Parent helps moms with their busy schedules.

For Cintrifuse, this one is a big deal. Part of our mission is to encourage and facilitate corporate engagement in the startup community. So to see institutions like Dunnhumby working with Hello Parent is very encouraging.

Dunnhumby, the UK based consumer knowledge company, is opening a new $140 million office building on the corner of Fifth and Race. When the construction finishes in the spring, Hello Parent will move in as entrepreneurs in residence.

And Hello Parent wasn’t the only startup benefiting from the strong corporate presence in Cincinnati. Many of the companies presenting last night had big companies as either customers, advisers or mentors.

Entrepreneurship Is A Career Path

Hudson Chilton talks about how Travel Note prevents your credit cards from being declined when you’re traveling.

Whether it’s Josh Hays who came from GE Aviation to become the CTO and co-founder of Linkedü or Hudson Chilton who came from Fifth Third and founded Travel Notes. Whatever the case, entrepreneurship is a career path.

Nearly every team last night had one person with companies like  P&G, Kroger or Great American on their resume. In Cincinnati, entrepreneurship is not just a viable career progression. It’s a logical career progression.

UpTech’s Demo day taught us a lot about #StartupCincy. First, it taught us there are really solid startups in the Cincinnati area. Innovative startups that are primed to create new markets or disrupt old ones.

But it also taught us that our startup community is working. Successful startups are helping new startups survive and succeed. Startups and big corporations are working together.  Entreprenuership is now the next step for many employees of big companies. And everyday more people join the startup world.

UpTech Demo Day demonstrated more than seven startup companies. It demonstrated why the Cincinnati region is great place for entrepreneurs.


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