The First IX Health is This Week!

For those unfamiliar, Innovation Xchange (IX Cincy) is a way for startups (Cintrifuse Members and Syndicate Fund portfolio companies) to show off their unique brand of innovation in front of key decision makers from #StartupCincy’s  BigCos.

Well, IX Cincy is so successful, we thought we’d have another one. This time, however, we’re focusing on a specific vertical – healthcare.

This Wednesday, November 4, nine startups from #StartupCincy and from around the country will have a chance to pitch in front of Cincinnati’s healthcare industry leaders. Here’s a quick overview of the startups attending and little about what you can expect from them.


da9c677f-9c72-44e0-8203-3d47e0df36b1Over 100 hospitals, spine and oncology centers and healthcare organizations rely on Cordata’s solutions for specialty care coordination that delivers highly actionable data-driven insights and delivers better clinical and business outcomes.



bf790bda-50d7-4bc9-8d60-1e321626c466Doc Halo’s mission is to provide healthcare organizations the highest quality mobile health platform that facilitates secure and efficient communication, systems integration and care coordination.




Automation software that simplifies the prescription refill process so health care professionals can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time helping their patients.



fff1def0-5e06-4783-a7c4-9d552daac7f2Patients fail to follow the care plan delivered during their discharge from the hospital. Homeward Healthcare believes that creating efficiencies which standardize and streamline the discharge process will lead to a reduction in hospital re-admissions.



d1b74bfb-399c-495b-bb60-f3e8d58d166bkiio Technology works on objective measurement technology within the fitness, healthcare and military industries.





293284e1-5e54-4d64-a0ce-ca62152f4be3Seniors require consistent use of medication as prescribed by physicians and their care team. MedaCheck helps seniors maintain their dignity and preserve their health, independence and peace of mind through a device that reminds them to take their prescribed medications.




ReadySet Surgical is a cloud based surgical coordination platform. It consolidates logistics, confirmation and communication through one dashboard accessible by all members of the surgical team.




Valera Health is dedicated to creating an end-to-end solution to behavioral healthcare that mutually benefits providers, patients, and payers.




Vynca is a comprehensive solution for advance care planning. We address critical, unmet needs in end-of-life care, aligning care preference with care provision. We are a single source of truth for goals of care documentation, and help patients and healthcare providers navigate the complex process of advanced care planning.


Audience members will also hear from two featured speakers, Aneesh Chopra and Josh Rosenthal.

Aneesh served as the first Chief Technology Officer of the United States where he designed the National Wireless Initiative, helped launch Startup America, and executed an “open innovation” strategy across the government.  He is currently co-founder and executive vice president of Hunch Analytics.

Josh is a Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of RowdMap, a web-based business management platform purpose-built for the health reform world to help health plans and providers maximize growth, improve overall performance and create value through pricing, contracting and interventions.

So if innovation and thought leadership around healthcare is your cup o’ tea then be sure to register for the event.

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