Build Your Startup Assembly Line

This is a guest post by Eric Fulkert. Ford Motor Company was a startup. The dawn of the internal combustion engine launched the founding of car companies. Ford, Mercedes Benz, Chrysler, General Motors, and many others were startups in workshops and garages. Henry Ford started out tinkering, prototyping, and shipping his first cars, just like …


Customer Zero – The Birth of a Product

Let me tell you a little story about the birth of a product. The year was 2000, and a group approached us about their website. In 2000 we did web design when web design was still expensive and new. This group had a website that they needed to update, allow other people to update, and …


Build a Better Mouse Trap – Interview with Mark Achler

Mark Achler is one of the founders of MATH Venture Partners. He has had an eclectic career as a serial entrepreneur – building four companies. He also served as a senior executive and head of innovation at Redbox. This is Mark’s third venture fund making him an investor with experience on both sides of the table. …

this-week-startup-cincy-talks about diversity

This Week In #StartupCincy We Talk About Diversity

This week, #StartupCincy came together to have a discussion about diversity in our ecosystem. The first ever Future History Now event took place on February 25 at Union Hall and brought together a diverse crowd to hear from two equally diverse panels consisting of minority business leaders, investors and diversity champions from Cincinnati’s BigCos. It …

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