How Your Startup Will Die

Why do startups fail? This question is almost the “tastes great, less filling” conversation of the startup scene. Startups fail. We know this from watching big rounds go nowhere and accelerator graduates never cross the valley of death. (The valley of death is between Seed and Series A. Most people never make it.) When a …


Customer Zero – The Birth of a Product

Let me tell you a little story about the birth of a product. The year was 2000, and a group approached us about their website. In 2000 we did web design when web design was still expensive and new. This group had a website that they needed to update, allow other people to update, and …


What Makes a Good Prototype

It was the dark days of Microsoft Access. In the early 2000’s, MS Access was the primary database software people used to build what we call apps. Access had the ability to run a database and a user interface built with Visual Studio. Businesses that needed something to handle a unique need often turned to …


Bootstraping A Large Digital Footprint

I’m lucky enough to be part of the Cintrifuse advisor network. As an advisor, I work with earlier stage startups. I love the chaos, creativity, and passion I see in people at this stage. The hard part as an advisor is helping people focus on the few things that matter. So what matters? For early stage …


Stop Asking for Money and Focus on Customers

I hear lots of questions from lots of startups. The hardest question everyone has is the same. “How do I raise money?” Almost all startups need to raise money. We measure startups in the amount of money they raise, and at what valuation. We hear about funds being raised and opened to invest in startups. …

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