newco cincinnati innovation event

Innovative Science and Food – NewCo NKY

Take a swim across the Ohio River and to check out the awesome NewCo sessions in Northern Kentucky. (On second thought, don’t swim across the Ohio – just take the bridge.) Northern Kentucky is using technology to revolutionize everything from food, to ticket sales, to craft beer. • Changing the World with Gratitude – and …

newco cincinnati innovation event

Rhinegeist Happy Hour and First Batch Robots – NewCo OTR

From a talk on how to open a business in OTR, to lasers and robots, to a happy hour at one of the country’s fastest growing breweries, Cincinnati’s revitalized urban district is going to be a hopping place on July 23rd. Here are just some of the awesome NewCo sessions taking place in Over-The-Rhine. • …

newco cincinnati innovation event

NewCo – Cincinnati's New Startup Event

You might have heard Cintrifuse is bringing a new event to #StartupCincy. On July 23rd, the first ever NewCo Festival will take place right here in Cincinnati. NewCo is an amazing opportunity to engage and interact with some of our ecosystem’s most interesting and exciting partners. This one-day event features presentations and office tours from …

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