Makers, Art Orgs and Tech – NewCo OTR

Home to Union Hall, the epicenter of StartupCincy, NewCo in OTR is an eclectic mix of makers, entrepreneurs and art organizations. In Over-The-Rhine you can start your day learning from Elementz about how to build identity and grit through Hip Hop. Then you can head over to Roadtripper’s office and hear about the journey of one of …

NewCo Startup Festival Cincinnati

NewCo Cincy – Better Than Sharknado 3

Innovative companies, engaged BigCos and all the craft beer you can drink. Yesterday was a big day for #StartupCincy. The first ever NewCo Cincinnati was a grand slam for our startup ecosystem and startup community. It taught us a lot about ourselves and confirmed some of the things we’ve been telling each other for a …

newco cincinnati innovation event

Grilled Cheese Donuts and Corporate Innovation – NewCo Downtown

Take a break from your cubicle and find out how you can start working like a startup at your corporate job. NewCo Downtown features events that highlight #StartupCincy’s corporate strengths and showcases the cooperation between our entrepreneurs and BigCos. • Starting up in Cincinnati (Strap, Hello Parent, LISNR, Casamatic) – Local startup founders from Strap, Hello …

Cincinnati hosting one of only 12 NewCo conferences in U.S.

On July 23, Cincinnati joins New York, Austin, San Francisco, London, Istanbul and other notable cities in hosting the 2015 “inside-out” conference NewCo, when over 80 local businesses will tell their stories or demo their products. Source: Cincinnati hosting one of only 12 NewCo conferences in U.S.

newco cincinnati innovation event

Good Health, Good Beer – NewCo North Cincinnati

Take some time from the hustle and bustle of the city and take a trip to North Cincinnati. You’ll here all about cutting edge healthcare technology and you can cap your day off with a beer from Rivertown Brewing Company. You might even be able to squeeze in a visit to King’s Island. • World’s …

newco cincinnati innovation event

Business Insights and Craft Beer – NewCo East Cincinnati

Should your company be a B Corp? Is an incubator the way to go? How can you provide your customers with a personal touch in the digital world? How does MadTree make such delicious beer? All questions that will be answered at the NewCo sessions in North Cincinnati. • Build A Better Business Workshop: B …

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