Customer Zero – The Birth of a Product

Let me tell you a little story about the birth of a product. The year was 2000, and a group approached us about their website. In 2000 we did web design when web design was still expensive and new. This group had a website that they needed to update, allow other people to update, and …


Think Big and Solve Huge Problems – Interview with VC Jonathon Triest

Jonathon Triest, Founder and Managing Partner at Ludlow Ventures, had been working with startups well before he started investing in them. After graduating Michigan University, Jonathon worked with entrepreneurs as a designer. In the face of better designers and lower price of design, he realized that if he wanted to continue working with startups he would …


Connecting Entrepreneurs to Big Customers

Baloonr Before Baloonr, Amanda Greenberg lived in Washington D.C. and was a consultant in the public health sector. Working with large federal agencies and on large teams, Amanda noticed that it was difficult for ideas to flourish in team environments. So she and Noah Bornstein created Baloonr, a cloud-based app that allows you to surface …


Growing Cincinnati’s Entrepreneurs

Fanvester Alex Yungvirt, Co-Founder of Fanvester, was recently accepted into UpTech’s 4th Cohort. The online platform allows users to source concerts, shows, and live entertainment events through crowdfunding. Fanvester builds relationships with venues, fans, and the additional parties involved in putting on a stellar production, making it easier than ever to host your favorite, concert, show, or …

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