A Startup City 200 Years in the Making

There’s an event happening next month that everyone in Greater Cincinnati should be proud of.  We’ve geared up and are in a major countdown for what many refer to as the All-Star Game of Entrepreneurship.  Our region is going to play host to over 1,000 entrepreneurs, investors and business builders from the Techstars network who …


Union Hall Brings Entrepreneurs Together

Soundstr recently announced a successful round of fundraising led by CincyTech. Which earns them a well-deserved congratulations. The company is on a mission to bring transparency to the music industry by tracking what songs venues play and making sure artists are compensated appropriately for their work. Soundstr also helps those same venues make more money …


Angel Investing 101

Angel investors are a key component in any startup ecosystem. They are the people on the front lines looking for the next great idea and helping talented entrepreneurs build great companies. An angel investor is more than just a check book – they are mentors, advisors and coaches. They are the people entrepreneurs turn to …


Leveraging The Community to Gain Market Insight

This is a Guest Post by Derek Tye, Founder of HDHK   When it comes to launching a startup, it can take a village. My team and I recently learned that lesson in the best possible way when we tapped into our community to get invaluable feedback and thoughts on how we were doing as a company—a …

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