Steve Case in the House

Great news – earlier this week we found out our friend Steve Case was coming back to StartupCincy for his first visit since the inaugural Rise of the Rest Roadtrip in 2014.  Steve will be stopping by Union Hall the morning of Wednesday, July 12 – you should sign up and swing by! 

It’s hard to believe how much has happened in StartupCincy in just those three short years.  At the time, I was coming up on my first year with Cintrifuse and the ecosystem was just finding its footing. We leveraged the crap out of Steve’s visit and the excuse it gave us to come together as a community – we’ve never looked back. The seeds of StartupCincy were planted before ROTR, but the tree that’s grown up now? ROTR was the fertilizer.


So, please plan on joining us July 12 in the Beer Hall @ Union Hall for some celebrating, some calibrating and the opportunity to impress an influential fan like Steve (he started his career here in the Queen City with P&G!) about all the wonderful momentum we’ve built up since his last visit.

P.S.  Be sure and catch the conversation on social media (StartupCincy, Cintrifuse) as we’ll be crowd sourcing the top ten list of ‘What’s Happened Since 2014’ as well as questions you want to ask Steve.

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