StartupCincy Rundown — May 6-12

Don’t miss out on all the happenings going on in StartupCincy. We’re here to catch you up on a week full of news, announcements and more.

Be sure to check out our Twitter Moment for the week below — the best way to relive all the excitement of the past seven days.

Cintrifuse featured twice on — Take a look inside the science and strategy of Cintrifuse’s Syndicate fund. Also, check out how Cintrifuse’s Spry Labs is shaking things up in healthcare and beyond.

Region’s first Startup Week to be held this October StartupCincy pulled back the curtains on Startup Week Cincinnati. It will be a week full of big ideas and industry-leading content. Stay tuned for more!

StartupCincy makes appearances in Pittsburgh and Columbus Cintrifuse’s Director of Marketing, Eric Weissmann, spoke to a room full of entrepreneurs at the Pittsburgh Entrepreneurs Forum about innovation happening in Cincinnati. Meanwhile, representatives from StartupCincy also partook in some of the festivities at Columbus’ Startup Week.

Aviatra Accelerators holds its Flight Night — Freshly rebranded Aviatra Accelerators held it’s annual pitch night event at the New Riff Distillery where one female entrepreneur took home the prize of a $25,000 for her small business.

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