StartupCincy is Just Getting Started

Jordan-StartupCincy-TownHallJune 15, 2016 saw the first ever StartupCincy Town Hall. Ecosystem stake holders filled Braxton Brewery in NKY to see the next evolution of our community and our movement. The evening’s take-away:  we’re just getting started. So buckle up, its going to be a wild ride.

Our community is united, vibrant and gaining momentum daily. The only thing left to do is get all of our oars rowing in the same direction and make Southwest Ohio THE destination for startups not just in Ohio but in the entire Midwest. As Wendy Lea, Cintrifuse CEO said, “We need to step it up.”

But more than the excitement and energy for the future, the StartupCincy town hall let us take stock of what we already have. Sometimes we can get so wrapped in how we can be better that we don’t realize what we have. And what we have is something very unique.

Kellie-StartupCincy-TownHallDave Knox, Co-Founder of The Brandery, reminded us how far StartupCincy has come. From a simple hashtag to a craft brewery packed with makers, doers, hustlers and hackers. He also reminded us that “StartupCincy is not just about tech. It’s meant to be for everyone.”

John Hill, Techstars’ Network Catalyst, gave everyone an outside perspective on our accomplishments. There’s a reason that Techstars chose Cincinnati and StartupCincy to host FounderCon 2016. “No other ecosystem gets together and rallies like this,” John said. “You have something very special here in Cincinnati. That’s why Techstars loves Cincinnati.”

John-Hill-StartupCincy-TownHallStartupCincy 2.0 is about more than tech. It’s about makers and brewers. It’s about startups and BigCos, about makers and universities. It’s a movement defining the future of our city – our home. For everyone that’s been on the journey from modest hashtag to rally cry sweeping the Queen City – thank you. Everyone new to the community, welcome and get ready. We have our sights set on ambitious goals.

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