Startup Spotlight: c2b solutions, healthcare consumer insights provider

Why Does Your Healthcare Provider Want You to be a “Self Achiever” or a “Direction Taker”?

Brent Walker, vice president and chief marketing officer of c2b solutions answers this question, and explains how his startup consumer insights company can improve marketing and drive healthy behavior change through healthcare consumer segmentation.

Q. What problems does your company solve?
A. Healthcare is becoming more consumer-centric in response to an increasingly competitive environment, and reimbursements based on patient satisfaction.

We help healthcare providers such as hospitals and medical groups, insurance carriers, drug, OTC and medical device companies, retail pharmacies and ad agencies better understand healthcare consumers in order to tailor their service offering, education, communications and advertising based on the preferences of each segment.

For example, we conducted a pilot with a Fortune 50 client to get employees to sign up for a 12-week wellness program. After completing our short questionnaire, we determined their classification type, and then reviewed the program features and benefits based on their preferences for communication and learning style, and motivating factors. We improved the sign-up rate for the most challenging and unhealthy segment, Willful Endurers, by +15 percentage points. In comparison, Self Achievers are the most proactive when it comes to their health and wellness, and Direction Takers, typically do whatever their physician tells them to do.

Q. How did you get started?
A. My two partners, Rob Freeberg and Casey Albertson, and I met while working at Procter & Gamble (P&G). We worked well together, and we thought there was a business opportunity under Healthcare Reform to commercialize healthcare consumer insights, which we had packaged as value-add for P&G’s pharma/OTC customers. These consumer insights help guide strategy and marketing in an uncertain and dynamic environment.

Q. What have been your key challenges?
A. Our main challenge has been staying solely focused on the projects and channels that will provide the biggest return. There are many opportunities, but we currently don’t have the bandwidth to pursue all of them, nor should we. There are times when we have to vote on an opportunity.

We are sales and marketing guys, and we had to take on legal, accounting, and IT roles. Just because you have a great idea doesn’t mean you have a great company, it’s hard running a business, even a virtual one.

Q. What product/services does c2b solutions provide?
A. We have three main healthcare consumer insights product/service areas to help companies drive their overall business and marketing strategies.

1) Research Report – The c2b Consumer Diagnostic is an annual study that measures consumers’ health and wellness attitudes, behaviors, influences, motivations, and price sensitivity, as well as 44 healthcare conditions. The 2013-2014 study includes interviews with 5,000 people resulting in 15+ million data points.

2) Research Database – The information gathered for this research report is provided as database subscription called c2b Insights Accelerator. Clients can access the entire database or specific data sets to do their own custom analysis.

3) Psychographic Segmentation – Our proprietary model for segmenting healthcare consumers into one of five classifications is more than 90% accurate (well above the 75% success standard) in terms of predicting preferences for communication, learning and motivators. This insight helps companies improve customer acquisition, loyalty and desired behavior change. Our classifications are: Balance Seeker, Willful Endurer, Priority Juggler, Self Achiever, and Direction Taker.

Complete the questionnaire to find out your classification at their site

Q. What are your key accomplishments?
A. We self-funded c2b solutions a year and a half ago, and within our first year we were profitable.

We conducted a major market research study and packaged the data offering, and proved our consumer segmentation model is highly accurate.

We currently have five Fortune 50 clients and more than 10 clients total.

Q. What is your next milestone?
A. Completing some of our pilot tests, adding resources and refining processes in order to scale our business intelligently.

If appropriate, we will be seeking an outside investment round by the end of this year.

About Brent Walker Brent Walker launched c2b solutions with his two partners in the Fall of 2012, after he spent 20 years at P&G in healthcare marketing. His years of experience leading consumer market research, packaging it into B2B consulting tools, and driving the growth of healthcare businesses provide a foundation for c2b solutions products and services.

For more information visit, call Brent at (513)314-5981 or e-mail:

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