Spry Labs Partners with Humana to Host Data Jam

ctoszyduiaaxskaSpry Labs held their first ever Data Jam this past week. Partnering with Humana, Spry invited 6 teams from as far away as Washington, D.C. to participate. So what is a Data Jam? And why would we partner with Humana to have one?

Different than a hackathon, which is typically open to participants from the community, a Data Jam involves curated, highly-skilled professional teams trying to solve a problem in a short period of time. In this case, teams were given two days to prepare a solution for Humana’s challenge.

For this particular jam, Humana asked participants to develop a way for them to enable their members to quickly and easily self-serve to find and access dental care. Which is a big, hairy, multi-billion dollar problem that impacts everyone in the healthcare ecosystem – payers, providers and patients.

Every single person in the US is a potential dental customer. But inaccurate directory data hinders the search for adequate care. On the patient side, inaccurate data causes problems like unintentionally seeing out-of-network providers, in turn, increasing the patient’s out-of-pocket costs.

Which causes problems for providers because they now have to spend time and resources helping patients resolve their billing problems.  Ultimately this hurts the payer, causing them to lose the trust of their members and sink valuable time and resources to maintaining and updating their directories.

This effects payers across the board – not just Humana. Which is why Spry decided to tackle this problem. Making the dental provider search easier and less stressful would be an industry game changer and it requires a collaboration of diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

This Data Jam was a prime example of what sets us apart from other startup ecosystems. Namely, how we work together with BigCos to help them with cost effective, process oriented, fast innovation. And this is just the first of many innovation programs for Spry. With hundreds more healthcare problems to solve, the Spry Labs team will be busy helping other companies capitalize on innovation opportunities within the healthcare industry.


What to read more about the Data Jam? Then Check out this article from WCPO.
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