Spry Labs bringing back second Data Jam in March

In September 2016, Spry Labs held its first Data Jam. Its goal was to hack Humana’s innovation process, cut the timeline into a fraction of the old model and connect a team of innovators to the healthcare giant.

It was a success.

Within just a month of the competition, a D.C. startup that participated in Data Jam I scored a lucrative contract to develop a proof-of-concept. This team is already developing a second proof-of-concept in February.

Thrilled with the success of round one, Humana is tapping back into the Spry Labs model.

A new Data Jam has been scheduled and will be held at Union Hall on March 16-17.

Spry-Labs-Partners-With-HumanaA hackathon, but on steriods

The goal of the Data Jam II is to connect cutting-edge technology teams from across the country with Humana’s innovation team to tackle a use case inside Humana’s insurance underwriting experience.

That’s the difference between a hackathon and data jam – teams will be carefully vetted to make sure there is top talent at the table.

To add to the benefit of solving Humana’s innovation challenges, the winning team will also walk home with a $5,000 check.

The event has Humana’s offices buzzing as well.

We don’t want to just keep up – we want to lead the way,” said Day. “This requires innovation. To do that quickly and efficiently, we must tap into a wide network of innovative solutions and talent. Partnering with Cintrifuse and Spry Labs provides a way to that right in our own backyard.

Ready to join? Know someone that might be the right fit?

Applications for teams are open until February 24, and on February 28, teams will be formally invited to participate. Interested applicants should apply via this link:

More contact info:

Kate Marx

Humana Corporate Communications


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