Quite a Week

Rounding out an exciting week for Cintrifuse and #StartupCincy!

David Cohen – Techstars Ventures

Tuesday, we announced the investment from our fund into Techstars Ventures.

Wednesday, the managing director of that fund – David Cohen – spoke to the community at a standing room only fireside chat held at The Brandery.  Over 80 entrepreneurs and #StartupCincy fans attended and heard David’s points:

  • Be better at reflective listening, especially when talking to potential investors.
  • If you want money, ask for advice.  If you want advice, ask for money.
  • Relationships develop over time.  Quoting Mark Suster, “It’s about lines, not dots.”
  • In the end, it really comes down to communication.



Here’s a great blog post from Chris Hendrixson and quite motivating, too!

We look forward to seeing more of David as his travels bring him to #StartupCincy!

Cincinnati Innovation Network

Then on Thursday, we kept the momentum going with our Cincinnati Innovation Network at 21c.  Over 100 representatives from Cincinnati’s largest corporations gathered to hear Michael Krigsman, Valerie Jacobs, and Evangelos Simoudis present on how corporations should embrace disruption and innovation within their organizations.


Joining the presenters was a four-person panel: Mark Jeffreys (P&G), Shashank Saxena (Kroger), Rod Robinson (ConnXus), and David Cohen (Techstars).  Mark and Shashank talked about how their BigCos embrace disruption and drive innovation by working with startups.  David and Rod spoke from a startup perspective and how startups benefit by developing validating relationships with large corporations.

Thanks to all the presenters and those in the audience at both events.

Powerful week for us here at Cintrifuse and for #StartupCincy!

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