Play in a compliance-safe sandbox, thanks to Spry Labs

Startups stuck in lengthy, expensive and drawn out setup of HIPPA-compliant solutions now have a way to free up resources and “play in the sandbox” without fear. Cintrifuse’s Spry Labs has created a HIPAA-compliant platform that offers a new service to our partners — ‘Sandbox as a Service.’

Sandbox as a service? Think of it as a platform where you build a wide variety applications and play with the data, but without the fear of compliance troubles.

There is a revolution taking place in healthcare as more services transition from hospitals and doctor offices to in-home and on-demand care. This next wave of innovation requires a secure, compliant platform to test ideas and build products. This is where Spry Labs comes in.

For new startups, becoming HIPAA compliant is both timely and costly. Organizations are required to setup extensive physical, administrative and technical safeguards to ensure data privacy and security.

The result is the construction of cloud platforms or complex security systems, which come at a heavy cost to a startup. It begins (and doesn’t end with) hiring lawyers to review and make sure the appropriate policies are in place.  The process can take months.

Additionally, there are annual maintenance costs to being HIPAA-compliant. This includes mandated third-party risk assessments and necessary remediations. But Spry Labs’ ‘Sandbox as a Service’ has arrived to enable new capabilities.

Both startups and BigCos looking to incubate ideas and build products that require the use of electronic personal health information (ePHI) can use the Spry Labs sandbox to ensure the data is private and secure. Instead of focusing on administrative and legal requirements, partners can focus on the next wave of innovation in healthcare.

Spry Labs is a venture-building lab specializing in rapid design workshops, data / digital workflow development, and the curation of innovative partnerships with both startups and BigCos. And ‘Sandbox as a Service’ is just the beginning of our ways we can.

Please reach out to Emily Geiger, Spry Labs Managing Director, to learn more.

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