P&G, Kroger add new Executives in Residence to Cintrifuse team

It takes a diverse team to cover the broad scope of work that Cintrifuse delivers to entrepreneurs and BigCos. Our small-but-mighty team at Union Hall is made up of 15 full-time employees, but what some people may not know — there’s another group of “special forces”  that helps us execute our mission — Cintrifuse’s Executives in Residence (EIRs).

“Donated” generously by select Cintrifuse BigCo partners, EIRs are treated as full-time employees on our team. Roles and responsibilities to their “home company” vary person-to-person, but each one finds himself or herself working on big juicy initiatives with our Cintrifuse team.

Maurice Coffey, Cintrifuse EIR, P&G

Currently, Cintrifuse has four Executives in Residence — with two recent additions from Procter & Gamble and The Kroger Company that round out the squad.  

Cintrifuse is excited to welcome Maurice Coffey, most recently working in Global Hair Care Front End Innovation at P&G, and Kevin Willey, most recently the Director of Enterprise Architecture at Kroger.

Coffey works closely with the marketing/community team, leveraging more than two decades of experience at Procter & Gamble as Cintrifuse aligns on strategic initiatives both new and old.

Kevin Willey, Cintrifuse EIR, The Kroger Company

“I look at this opportunity as a way to not only inject diversity of thought into Cintrifuse, but also as a way to bring it back home to P&G,” said Coffey. “I’m in a position where my work here can be mutually beneficial to Cintrifuse, its partners AND my home company.”

Willey’s work lines up primarily with Cintrifuse’s Growth, Startups and Technology (GST) team, bringing his decades of technical expertise to the team as they look to develop new tools to engage and enrich startups and corporations in Cintrifuse’s Active Network.

“The synergy between Cintrifuse and Kroger has always made sense,” said Willey. “We’re looking to find new ways to engage with startups, venture capital and the ecosystem and Cintrifuse provides all of this. Joining the team in 2018 is an exciting way to give back to the community.”

Coffey and Willey join two other EIRs — Jo Haight, most recently Purchases Group Manager for Innovation Development at P&G, and Sam Korach, most recently Startups, Innovation and Disruption Manager at EY.

Coffey and Willey recently sat down for a roundtable discussion with the EIR team at Cintrifuse. Follow the linked image to read it all.

Haight joined Cintrifuse in March of 2017, working to target and improve upon ways that startups interact with Procter and Gamble (a complex and high-impact process Haight speaks about in our EIR roundtable, which you can read here). She will be with Cintrifuse through the end of February.

Korach joined Cintrifuse in October of 2016, during the launch of our venture-building studio, Spry Labs. He now works alongside the Spry Labs team and assists the BigCo Innovation team, focused on lifting innovation efforts at a variety of BigCos.

Our EIR team recently sat down as a group to share their feedback and perspective on the impact startups can have on BigCos and vice versa.  Read about our first EIR Roundtable here.

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