Patrick Henshaw joins Cintrifuse as Director of Development for Kenton County

pvczv5fd_400x400Patrick Henshaw recently joined the Cintrifuse team as Director of Development. Prior to Cintrifuse, Henshaw was co-founder and COO at Strap, a local technology startup and Brandery graduate. This position is intended to grow the tech and knowledge-based ecosystems of Kenton County.

“We’re extremely grateful to the leadership of Kenton County for supplying us with the means to hire talent like Patrick,” said Wendy Lea, Cintrifuse CEO. “The region we refer to as StartupCincy extends to both sides of the river and this position will only strengthen already strong ties.”

Henshaw, a West Point graduate and local entrepreneur, was instrumental in helping his previous startup Strap raise over $1.5 million in capital and developed and executed its financial, business, and marketing strategies. He plans to maintain his involvement with Strap as a board member and equity holder.

After graduating from West Point and Ranger school thereafter, Henshaw worked with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, led troops in Afghanistan and served as the Executive Officer to two Major Generals. He led a program with a budget north of $30 billion before jumping head-first into the entrepreneurial world. In all, he created three startups – a technology services company that served both the public and private sector, an IoT company that served municipalities and finally Strap which led Patrick and the team to the Greater Cincinnati area.

What drew Henshaw and gave him confidence to relocate his startup was access to talent, customers and funding in the region; the same attributes he plans to leverage in his new position. “I’m excited to continue my work in the startup community,” he said. “StartupCincy was instrumental in Strap’s success and in this new role I’m looking forward to helping our community grow.”

As Director of Development for Kenton County, Henshaw will:

  • Work with Kenton County companies to position them for success and expansion, as well as position the county to be a hospitable environment for new technology and knowledge-based companies.
  • Work to establish a hospitable environment and ecosystem in Kenton County for existing and new technology and knowledge-based companies.
  • Recruit technology and knowledge-based talent to Kenton County.
  • Advocate for policies that enhance Kenton County, and the Commonwealth of Kentucky, as a location for technology and knowledge-based economic activity.
  • Develop and maintain a dynamic portfolio of companies, partners and capital connections for Kenton County based on identified and emerging needs.
  • Strengthen the financial resources and economic development initiatives available in Kenton County.
  • Forge new relationships to build Kenton County’s visibility and impact in the Greater Cincinnati technology and knowledge-based ecosystem.
  • Devise and implement effective internal and external messaging and methods to advance key development initiatives in Kenton County.

“There are incredible things going on in the startup communities on both sides of the river,” said Kris Knochelmann, Judge Executive for Kenton County Fiscal Court. “With Patrick in this position we will ensure that Northern Kentucky has visibility into the innovation and tech-based economy building up in Cincinnati and vice versa, give us exposure to the active network Cintrifuse has established.”

Henshaw’s first priority will be developing a strategic plan for Kenton County to further develop their technology and knowledge economy as well as a plan for attracting and retaining talent to the region. Working out of Union Hall and throughout Kenton County, Henshaw will be key in expanding the overall epicenter of innovation throughout the region.

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