Ocean Demo Day – This Week in #StartupCincy

This Thursday, April 28, #StartupCincy was treated to Ocean Accelerator’s second demo day. And the folks at Ocean did not disappoint. Just like last year the production was top notch and the companies all had engaging, interesting pitches. You can check out the full list of companies below.

  • Devoo – Making it easy to find nearby events and rally friends at the last minute.
  • Feasty – Connects those who love to create food with those who love to eat it.
  • Homefield – Enhances any team app by creating a virtual community of sports fans who can interact at the game.
  • Liquid – A data collection and full service management application for scientists, organizations and enterprises.
  • RiserU – Connects aspiring middle and high schoolers with college athletes for mentoring and coaching via an online marketplace.
  • Spatial – A platform that enables existing maps to show the ever-changing personality of neighborhoods. Empowers everyone to navigate like a local.
  • Lepton – A¬†generosity platform offering a suite of products to make financial giving easier and simpler by engaging members.
  • We Help Others – Unlocks hidden value in unwanted and unused items to fund non-profit enterprises.
  • We Love Work – A tool that increases hiring success by using psychometric tests to connect applicants and companies with shared values.

It was a great event and we’re excited to congratulate and welcome this latest batch of entrepreneurs into our community.

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Outside of Ocean’s Demo Day, there was some exciting news from General Nano this week. It was announced that the carbon nano tube manufacturer was named Boeing’s tech supplier of the year. Boeing called on 13,000 global suppliers in 2015 and General Nano was one of 12 honored with a Supplier of the Year award from the manufacturer. You can read more about the award and General Nano in this Courier article.

There was good news for StreamSpot this week too. The video streaming startup announced a partnership with Limelight Networks as their new content delivery network. This partnership will allow the fast-growing company to expand their services globally. Check out this article if you want to read more.

Rounding out the good news for the week is the announcement that Everything But The House will build a new distribution center in Cincinnati. The 100,000 square foot facility is anticipated to add over 200 jobs to Cincinnati’s economy. Here’s the article for more info on EBTH’s Cincinnati expansion.

Plenty more happened this week so thake a spin through the deck to see what you missed.

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