NewCo Startup Festival Cincinnati

NewCo Cincy – Better Than Sharknado 3

Innovative companies, engaged BigCos and all the craft beer you can drink. Yesterday was a big day for #StartupCincy. The first ever NewCo Cincinnati was a grand slam for our startup ecosystem and startup community. It taught us a lot about ourselves and confirmed some of the things we’ve been telling each other for a long time.

We Deserve To Be in The Conversation

Let’s talk Twitter. During NewCo, #StartupCincy reached 1.9 million people and we’re on track to reach 3 million people for the week. Behind Innovation Xchange and OCEAN Demo Day, this is the hashtag’s second highest reach. We also sent #NewCoCincy into orbit. In one day, that  hashtag reached 8.5 million people and it’s on track to reach 10 million people for the week. Cincinnati was tweeting like crazy during NewCo, so much so we started trending nationally, nabbing the number one spot. And yes, we out-trended #Sharknado3. Which is awesome.NewCo Cincinnati Sharknado 3

Those numbers are fun but they point to an important concrete fact. Our startup community is important locally and nationally. We talk about #StartupCincy and the startup community so much on a day-to-day basis that sometimes you lose sight of the fact that some people in our own backyard have no idea what’s going on. Which is why it’s great see NewCo grabbing the attention of so many local media outlets.

The Enquirer, Local 12, Fox 19, The Cincinnati Business Courier and WCPO all came out to cover the event. These represent some of the most followed media outlets in the city and they will broadcast the #StartupCincy story across the Tri-State area. It’s like a megaphone shouting at the region that if you want to be in the startup game, then Cincinnati is the place to be.

NewCo also proved we belong in the national startup conversation. The mere fact that NewCo and John Battelle choose Cincinnati to host a festival is impressive. It puts us in the same company as New York, San Fransisco and London. That’s huge. And, with a nationally trending hashtag, we proved that we deserved to be talked about. At least as much as people talk about Sharknado 3. Which, again, is awesome.

(If you’re looking for a great visual recap of NewCo, check out Capstory’s great collection of #NewCoCincy photos.)

We’re Still Growing, But We’re Not Small

NewCo also taught us that we have a mature ecosystem. For a long time, whenever someone talked about #StartupCincy adjectives like “emerging” or “on-the-rise” were always close by. Well, now we can stop using them.

We’ve had funding wins with companies like EBTH raising $13 million and, soon, we’ll have an exit with DotLoop’s recent announcement that it will sell to Zillow. And these are just the beginning of the giant #StartupCincy snowball. There’s a lot of exciting stuff on the horizon for our companies and over the next couple months we’ll be hearing about more companies getting funded, growing, and expanding.

As #StartupCincy moves forward, it’s important to remember that this is not the beginning of a new path or the Punk #StartupCincyembarkation of some new journey. It’s the culmination of years of effort and sacrifice from those who have been working hard to make #StartupCincy what it is today.

Our “young” ecosystem has matured. But not a golden years, retirement home mature. More like a rebellious, angsty teenage mature. The kind of mature where you dye your hair purple, try as many new things as possible and embrace the world with reckless abandon.

We still have work to do – hard work. We’re now entrusted to build on the momentum that is changing the face and pulse of our city. The torch is ours and it’s up to everyone in #StartupCincy to carry it bravely to an unexpected and exciting place.

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