Cintrifuse Adds Four New Members to Its Team!

We have some fresh faces at Cintrifuse and we want to take some time to introduce #StartupCincy to our amazing new talent.

325e212Rachel Bishop joins Cintrifuse as an administrative assistant. She recently graduated Northern Kentucky University with a BS in biochemistry. During her time at NKU, she developed a passion for startups and small businesses.

Rachel’s enthusiasm and experience with program development and management makes her a dynamic asset for Cintrifuse and #StartupCincy.

Nick Faulkner is the newest addition to Cintrifuse’s fund of funds’ team. Nick came to Cintrifuse from New York, NY where he was the Director of2c9cdf4 Finance and Operations and Board Treasurer for MiMedia Inc. During his time at MiMedia, Nick led all business operations and co-led the fundraising process. Prior to MiMedia, Nick served as an analyst at private equity and investment banking firms in Boston and Beijing.

Nick’s background in financial analysis and investment banking adds an invaluable set of skills to the Cintrifuse Fund’s team. With his help, the fund of funds will continue to find and invest in the best venture capital funds in the nation.

28543d7Cintrifuse’s new Executive-in-Residence is Jeff Carr. Jeff has a history with both large corporations and startups. He served as Senior Vice President at Cincinnati Bell and led the sale of Cincinnati Bell Wireless to Verizon. He is a co-founder of Intelemage, and was CEO of venture-backed Singlepipe Communications. His previous experience includes roles as a Partner at Accenture, CISO at GE Aviation, and co-founder of Zoomtown.

His background and experience will be integral in developing the connective tissue between our startups, large corporations and VCs.


And finally, Patrick Venturella is the latest member of Cintrifuse’s marketing team. In the past, Patrick has been a part of Holony Media and The Ohio Challenge Hot Air Balloon Festival. He joins Cintrifuse as a content developer and with his help we’ll be able to shine a spotlight on all the great things happening in #StartupCincy.

Cintrifuse is proud to welcome our newest team members and we look forward to all the great things they can add to #StartupCincy!


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