Meet Jeremiah Owyang: IXCincy's Keynote Speaker

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With Cintrifuse’s signature Innovation Xchange just around the corner on June 22, we connected (over the phone) with our keynote speaker, Jeremiah Owyang to preview what he’ll present at Union Hall, his professional life and where he needs to stop in to eat during his first visit to Cincinnati.

Jeremiah is a trailblazer. Most of his career successes can be attributed to being “ahead of the curve” or “leading the charge. And these successes are just limited to corporate innovation. Jeremiah has many years of experience in UI design, marketing and web strategy, which he followed up with successes as an entrepreneur and public speaking.

When asked how to best sum up his wide-ranging career, Jeremiah still call himself, at his core a “connector.”

“My mission for my career is helping new companies connect to new customers,” Jeremiah tells me. “I want to be the one to say ‘here’s how you can connect to customers in new ways!’”

And message that Jeremiah carries with him is exactly what he will expound on at his keynote address on June 22.

“I’m really looking forward to showcasing a new report I have,” Jeremiah says. “It’s all about how companies are changing to adapt and connect ot startups. These are companies with billion dollar revenue lines and they need to change. Tech changes are coming at an accelerated pace.”

Guiding big corporations through new innovation and technological challenges is at the core of what Cintrifuse does, and the cohesion between IXCincy and Jeremiah’s brand is an “exciting” opportunity for Jeremiah tie his messaging into Cintrifuse’s signature event.

“Cintrifuse is in the center of the innovation challenge,” Jeremiah says. “[They’re] helping companies connect to startups in bold new ways.”

So what more can attendees hope to learn from Jeremiah on June 22?

Jeremiah has more than enough planned.

[perfectpullquote align=”right” cite=Jeremiah Owyang”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]These big corporations never can or should act like startups. But they have significant advantages, like larger amounts of employees and resources.[/perfectpullquote]

“I really like to begin with how companies are acting more agile,” Jeremiah says. “These big corporations never can or should act like startups. But they have significant advantages, like larger amounts of employees and resources. They can move at scale. You have to remember that startups are just very agile.”

Jeremiah won’t limit his time talking about what should be done – he’ll also share what has been done. Giving corporations new, innovative ways of thinking with example of best practices will be another high point of his morning address.

“A huge focus of mine is how companies are changing their culture around these challenges,” says Jeremiah. “This ranges from intrapreneurship programs, new partnerships with startups, the launch of reverse mentoring programs and even bringing in millennials to teach executives about the latest trends in tech.”

Last, Jeremiah will run through digital trends that BigCos need to prepare for.

“We’ll talk about the rise of automation – cars, bots and AI – and how we don’t fear these new worlds as they should augment and enhance the jobs we have,” says Jeremiah.

Beyond his address, Jeremiah looks forward to connecting to the city in his first visit. When Jeremiah visits a new city, he has a few “questions” for the city he likes to look around and find answers for.

“Where is the ‘hub?’ What are the big businesses doing to engage the community? What is the government doing? Who are the leaders in the community?” Jeremiah says these questions lead him towards the a community’s true identity.

And the last – hugely important – question Jeremiah needs answered: where should he eat?

So, do you have ideas about where Jeremiah might eat? Want to hear about what he’s thinking in the weeks leading up? It’s pretty easy to connect with Jeremiah – he’s got 174,000 other followers on Twitter. Then you can connect with him on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Still want more? His website is full of more content, his blog and tons of other ways to engage.

Also – another reminder – don’t forget to register for IXCincy before June 22. Get a chance to hear Jeremiah in person and gather some fresh, engaging insight for your business!

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