Meet the Class: Water Tech Demo Day Comes to Union Hall

Pipeline H2O Demo Day is coming to Union Hall on May 18! Sign up today!

When Pipeline H2O was building its 2017 class, more than 70 companies applied from around the world – including five continents and 14 countries. In the end, only six were selected to join the inaugural class to be housed at The Hamilton Mill.

The opportunity to work out of the Pipeline H2O accelerator was highly sought after for a number of reasons. Not only would two of the companies be chosen (peer-selected) to receive funding, but all the startups would have the opportunity to work with the City of Hamilton and other local municipalities to refine their products.

The program launched it’s 15-week program in early 2017 and it comes to a close on May 18 in spectacular fashion – at Union Hall’s first water tech demo day.

This is not your average demo day. These are six water tech companies that have products tested around the world, with mission’s more grand than you might find in one company at your run-of the-mill demo day.

Let’s get ready for the class with a quick ‘meet the team.’

Program Chairman of the Board Rahul Bawa also gives us his “watered-down” pitch for each of these high-impact business models and share their biggest achievements thus far.


  • From: Ithaca, New York
  • Leader: Founder Maysoon Sharif.
  • Business: AguaClara is a social enterprise that designs non-electric municipal scale water treatment technologies that are sustainable in underserved communities.
  • Watered-down:” This team basically builds water treatment plants in developing communities. No electricity is required. Best of all, they can be maintained by a community.
  • Must know: This tech out of Cornell has been implemented in Honduras and India.


  • From: Champaign, Illinois
  • Leader: Chief Marketing Officer Marty Dugan.
  • Business: ANDalyze has developed DNA-enzyme sensors to bring real-time water testing to the field.
  • Watered-down:” This is a handheld device that can measure metals in water in under a minute. Today it takes two to three weeks to get a lab sample.
  • Must know: They want to improve water quality around the world – look at what happened in Flint. If this product was out there, none of us would have heard about Flint.

class_kwriverkWRiver Hydroelectric

  • From: Hamilton, Ohio
  • Leader: Founder Paul Kling.
  • Business: kW River Hydroelectric has developed a unique technology to extract renewable energy from low-level dams using a patented micro-turbine device. The design of the turbine minimizes environmental impacts, eliminates modifications to the dam structure, and makes the river safer for recreational use.
  • Watered-down:” This is basically a device that generates electricity from low-level dams. Right now 70,000 dams aren’t used to generate electricity.
  • Must know: This company has already had the opportunity to work with the City of Hamilton on their tech.

class_powertechPower Tech Water

  • From: Lexington, Kentucky
  • Leader: Founder Cameron Lippert.
  • Business: PowerTech Water (Lexington, KY) has developed a disruptive technology platform to clean and purify water. The platform removes salts, corrosive minerals, and toxic materials without the need for costly membranes, high pressure pumps, chemicals or any consumables.
  • Watered-down:” They have a technology to clean water without using any membranes or filters. This provides huge cost savings – especially to distilleries, breweries and beyond.
  • Must know: The application of this product into distilleries has huge implications. “Great bourbon for less money.”


  • From: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Leader: Founder Emmanuel Briquet.
  • Business: Searen is revolutionizing water-dependent industries with vacuum air-lift technology that is simple and versatile and harnesses the power of nature while streamlining water treatment.
  • Watered-down:” This is a vacuum-based technology that removes impurities in water. The vacuum pump separates impurities from clean water. In the end, this tech replaces five different pieces with one device.
  • Must know: Founder Briquet is a former fish farmer and he knows the market well. This is a technology based out of France.


  • From: Louisville, Kentucky
  • Leader: Founder Mark Hogg.
  • Business: WaterStep has developed the “WOW” – “Water on Wheels” mobile unit that provides a rapid response mini-water treatment solution in the case of emergencies or disasters.
  • Watered-down:” WOW- water on wheels is a hotel-cleaning-cart-sized setup that can transport to provide clean water anywhere in the world. Set up, it can provide 10,000 gallons water a day. It is used primarily for disaster and emergency situations
  • Must know: Founder Hogg and his team have already successfully used this product in disaster situation in Ecuador and Columbia.

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