Maker Track – NewCo Cincy

image_378Tech and software is great but sometimes you want something you can hold in your hand. NewCo Cincy’s Maker track gives you front row seats to all the physical product makers in StartupCincy.

Start the day hearing from Grainwell which takes old materials and turns them into beautiful products. If you’re a foodie you can check out Findlay Kitchen’s session and hear stories from their food entrepreneurs. Or you can join First Batch’s session as they de-mystify the physical product world.

And there’s plenty more sessions to feed your inner maker.

Urbana Cafe – An open discussion about how you can create a concept, execute and expand it.

Axiom Product Development – Join Axiom for a trip into the new reality of product + package design as they test technology, visualize through virtual, and re-imagine AI as Axiom Intelligence.

Skinny Piggy Kombucha – Learn how a startup uses the resources of the burgeoning craft beer industry to develop a unique and growing brand. Help yourself to some of their refreshing kombucha or kombucha cocktails and listen to the story of Skinny Piggy.

Frameri – Learn how Frameri is reinventing the eye wear industry and making glasses with the finest materials and craftsmanship at an affordable price.

Happen, Inc. – Participants will take a tour of Happen’s multiple facilities on the first floor of Northside’s historic Domhoff Buildings and learn how Happen develops its innovative family programming while taking part a creative session led by one of Happen’s wacky characters.

Need more Makers? Then be sure to check out the whole track.






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