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Dozens of startups have answered the innovation briefs submitted by our BigCo partners. Union Hall will be full of representatives from startups across the country – check out who you may bump into on June 22!


From: Columbus, Ohio

DescriptionIn workflow prescription delivery and medication reminders. The pharmacist doesn’t have to download an app to use our service. We are the first prescription delivery service or medication reminder service to utilize the switch(Change Healthcare /Relay Health) in the pharmacy workflow. The pharmacist simply bills our BIN number to kick everything off.

Website: scriptdrop.co



From: Columbus, Ohio

Description: PixElement is a Columbus, Ohio startup that provides cloud-based 3D reconstruction and mapping software for the construction, mining, and defense industries. PixElement is focused on alleviating scale problems that currently exist when processing, storing, and disseminating data collected by drone, airplane, and satellite platforms.

Website: pixelement.com


Sipree, Inc.

From: San Francisco, California

Description: Financial technology platform for the enterprise serving just these applications in five verticals including insurance.

Website: sipree.com



From: College Park, Maryland

Description: Immuta is a unified data platform for the world’s most secure organizations. Our technology frees data science teams to securely access and work with high-value data. The Immuta platform integrates essential data management technologies to solve for the organizational challenges facing modern data science.

Website: immuta.com


VEDA Data Solutions

From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Description: VEDA helps insurers increase data accuracy and save millions of dollars through automation. Our dashboard-free machine learning and AI solutions work with insurers current systems and work without the need for in house data scientists or analysts.

Website: vedadata.com



From: Cincinnati, Ohio

Description: Astronomer simplifies the “plumbing” between data pipes. We integrate disparate data sources into a unified structure. From there, algorithms can be written on top of a consistent dataset, and analytics and reports can extract a full picture of a particular area of focus, even your entire business.

Website: astronomer.io


The Rudolf

From: Cincinnati, Ohio

Description:Follow-up progress in real-time, of each of your products for each sales person. Understand instantly the situation in the field. Have a visibility of your sales team’s daily actions in real time from any device. Filter, analyze and give feedback to your teams.

Website: therudolf.com


Dolphin AI, Inc.

From: New York, New York

Description: Applied computer vision for insurance inspection of rooftops. They have developed computer vision models that can determine roof material and count shingles, and can recognize hail fractures and torn tables with 96% accuracy.

Website: dolphinai.com


From: Chicago, Illinois

Description: Snapsheet is the industry leader in virtual and automated claims processing solutions for auto insurance carriers. The platform is built to capture photos from customers and process the claim automatically with an immediate settlement issued upon carrier approval.

Website: snapsheetapp.com



From: Los Angeles, California

Description: Logical is an Enterprise SaaS using machine learning and neural networks to extract data from documents and populate the information into whatever system(s) of record is being used within an organization.

Website: logical.la



From: Des Moines, Iowa | Munich, Germany

Description: MotionsCloud provides an intelligent claims solution for P&C insurers to streamline and automate claims processes. The solution reduces cycle time from days to hours, reduces expenses up to 75%, and improves the customer experience with mobile, artificial intelligence (AI), and video-enabled technologies which can integrate with legacy systems.

Website: motionscloud.com



From: Chicago, Illinois

Description: Applications of AddStructure’s technology range from review summarization (distilling thousands of reviews of a product into digestible pros and cons, or into keywords) to a complete conversational commerce system (i.e., chatting with an intelligent digital assistant to find and purchase products). The platform allows retailers to deploy search and discovery products that include cutting edge machine learning and natural language processing without the need for costly investment in specialized engineering resources.

Website: addstructure.com


AdAdapted, Inc.

From: Louisville, Kentucky

Business: AdAdapted’s platform provides CPG brands direct access to consumers throughout the path to purchase, from pre-shop planning, to in-shopping, and post-shopping feedback. Through deep integrations with mobile applications, we are able to reach individuals users at various points in the path to purchase to relevant brand messaging.

Website: adadapted.com


DemandJump, Inc.

From: Indianapolis, Indiana

Description: DemandJump shows marketers exactly where to focus online marketing spend to drive the greatest revenue growth. We use artificial intelligence to analyze the path to purchase of your customers up to three steps before they reach a marketers and their competitors respective websites. This provides an unbiased view of the most powerful traffic and revenue sources across digital channels.

Website: demandjump.com



From: Seattle, Washington

Description: Apptentive helps companies like Starbucks, Kohl’s, eBay and Nordstrom communicate with their mobile customers to understand their experience, make changes to the product and to increase loyalty.

Website: apptentive.com


Open Legacy

From: Seattle, Washington

Description:OpenLegacy is an API platform that provides automated legacy modernization solutions to its users. The platform’s range of solutions include order entry, customer service, finance, claims, CRM and ERP integration, IoT, web and mobile application development, target accelerators, multiple legacy connectors, and management systems.

Website: openlegacy.com



From: Franklin, Massachusetts

Description: Interactions develops and markets award-winning natural language understanding technology used by Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Built on its patented Adaptive-Understanding™ technology that seamlessly integrates both human and machine intelligence, Interactions provides highly conversational virtual assistant solutions.

Website: interactions.com



From: Ramat-Gan, Israel

Description: Atidot was founded to address the needs of the life insurance market. Insurance companies face increasing challenges in understand the markets in which they operate; attracting and retaining customers whilst maintaining their core business competency.

Website: atidot.com


Hashed Health

From: Nashville, Tennessee

DescriptionA collaborative healthcare innovation company created to bring together leading healthcare enterprises to advance distributed ledger solutions for the unique problems facing the healthcare industry. Hashed Health is a technology and vendor neutral forum to research, design and engineer optimal and timely solutions for healthcare end users.

Website: hashedhealth.com



From: San Diego, California

Description: KiraGrace is on a mission to celebrate women’s beauty, strength and grace as they move through life’s journeys. Their products are uniquely designed and created to be uplifting and inspiring, items that bring comfort, or a smile, just at the look, touch or feel.




FromNetanya, HaMerkaz, Israel

DescriptionClick-Ins is an Insurtech startup company developing getmeins™ – a product for Insurance Companies’ Loss Ratio reduction. They deliver military-grade intelligence to the Insurance Industry for combating fraud. getmeins™ is an Intelligence as a Service platform designed to predict fraud at point of sale by making a fusion of multiple disciplines.

Website: click-ins.com


Stan Group

From: New York, New York

DescriptionStan Group is building the first cloud platform for enabling businesses to make decisions under uncertainty. Stan Group is helping clients estimate revenue-maximizing prices for thousands of products. They do this by incorporating substitution effects, competition, and internal historical data that puts clear decisions in front of merchandising executives.



Koupon Media

From: Addison, Texas

Description: Koupon Media enables brands and retailers to create, manage and deliver highly targeted mobile offers that drive sales.


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