IXCincy 2017: Our Keynote Speaker

In 2016, we freshened up our approach to Innovation Xchange (aka IXCincy) our signature event pairing corporate innovation leaders with startups from across the country. We built a new structure for our BigCos to source problems with our Active Network and held an event that was talked about for a long while afterwards. We were even lucky enough to have Anand Sanwal, CEO and founder of CB Insights, come and energize our event as the keynote speaker.

In 2017, we’re committed to more of the same energy and excitement. That’s why, today, we’re thrilled to announce Jeremiah Owyang as our 2017 IXCincy keynote speaker.

Jeremiah, an expert on corporate innovation, will take our guests beyond spotting the latest trends, disruptions, and technological advances. He will help all of our attendees leverage the forces behind the face of emerging and disruptive technologies that are shifting business models, transforming the customer brand experience and creating in-demand product offerings.

Jeremiah is the Founder of Crowd Companies, an innovation council that helps brands overcome challenges and navigate the next wave of disruption and opportunity. He already advises major companies by adapting their business models to better connect with customers. His clients include Adobe, Electrolux, Wells Fargo, Nestle, Cisco, Western Union, Visa, Colgate, Yum! and Pepsi, among others.

IXCincy is fast-approaching (June 22) with just over three months until we open our doors at Union Hall to dozens of BigCos, startups and – now – Jeremiah Owyang!

More about Jeremiah

To read more about and more from Jeremiah Owyang, there is no shortage of literature on his website, www.web-strategist.com. Inside you will also find…

More on IXCincy (Innovation Exchange)

Stay tuned for more information about the June 22 event!

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