Israeli Tech Showcase highlights global cooperation in StartupCincy

Nine Israeli startups and “scale-ups,” dozens of Cincinnati corporate innovation champions and a leader of Israel’s leading late stage co-investment group all converged upon Union Hall Wednesday.

Branded as Cintrifuse’s ‘Israeli Tech Showcase,’ Wednesday’s high-energy event was the unofficial starting point of potentially dozens of corporate partnerships that could bring Israeli technologies and investment into the Greater Cincinnati ecosystem.

IMG_0838With more than 60 business leaders gathered in the Union Hall Beer Hall, Wendy Lea, Cintrifuse CEO, and Bobby Fisher, Co-Chair of the Cincinnati Regional Business Committee, welcomed Orly Glick, VP of Value Added Services to StartupCincy.

Glick, with her extensive experience in asset management, private banking, technology-backed startups and Israeli fund investing, took the stage to explain why Israel calls itself “Startup Nation.” Through a culture of results-driven business, a fail-fast mentality and a world-leading ecosystem density, Glick shared that Israel was not a country to overlook for technology and investment. Glick’s time in Cincinnati also allowed her to draw parallels to what she sees throughout Greater Cincinnati.

“What I’ve seen in Cincinnati is something that I’ve seen unlike anywhere else in the United States – something close to what Belgium has created,” said Glick. “The density of this tech-based economy coupled with extraordinary BigCo backing is truly unique.”

Some Cincinnati businesses represented on Wednesday had already found success through Israeli partnerships. As reported in the Cincinnati Business Courier on Monday, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center had just signed its first 200-person pilot with Israeli startup Capriza. Additionally, Procter and Gamble boasts significant investments already with team that work to uncover innovation and solutions through Israel’s tech economy. Sigal Mendelevitch of P&G emerging global technologies says that it’s very important that tech startups understand that their products transcend the physical borders of countries.

“Startups acknowledge that if they do not reach Fortune 500 companies, they won’t understand if the product they built will work globally,” Mendelevitch told the Cincinnati Business Courier. “That’s where Cincinnati starts to look like a very attractive target.”

After hearing from Lea, Fisher and Glick, attendees at the show had a chance to see which Israeli startups and scale-ups visited the TriState to highlight their emerging tech. Here is a look at the companies that came to Cincinnati:

CaprizaCapriza – Whether it’s enabling field sales teams, digitizing pen-to-paper processes, or reducing bottlenecks in key corporate processes, Capriza’s mobile solution services allow organizations to dramatically improve business agility, affecting the top and bottom line through personalized mobile workspace, user-first micro apps with no coding, seamless connections to your business applications with no APIs with live monitoring and analytics to increase adoption all with enterprise grade security and scalability.

Cloud EndureCloudEndure – CloudEndure provides Cloud Migration and Cloud Disaster Recovery for any application, allowing companies to mobilize entire applications with their data to and across clouds with near zero downtime and no data loss. CloudEndure enables truly consistent, block-level, real-time replication using continuous data protection (CDP).

Final_LogoCoronet – The Coronet enterprise solution allows you to safely use any Wi-Fi or Cellular network connection, on any device at any location. The Coronet solution provides: Visibility and intelligence on wireless threats both inside and outside of your premises. Ability to define global wireless security policy that is automatically executed on devices. Freedom to connect your device from anywhere, access any service, and maintain privacy without any inconvenience.

640px-CTERA_Logo.svgCtera – CTERA is a leading provider of solutions to deliver managed storage, collaboration and data protection services from your own private data center or public cloud. CTERA’s Enterprise File Services Platform resolves many of the security challenges of public cloud SaaS and is designed as a deployable platform that enables Enterprise Storage- as-a-Service delivery from any private or public cloud infrastructure, all behind a customer firewall.

gigyaGigya – Gigya provides tools for connected consumer management. The company o≠ers Connected Consumer Management Suite that enables brands to understand and connect with mobile and socially connected consumers. It serves media and publishing, consumer brands, social commerce, travel and hospitality, and financial services industries worldwide.

Guardicore-LogoGuardiCore – GuardiCore is specially designed for today’s software-defined and virtualized data centers and clouds, providing unparalleled visibility, active breach detection and real- time response. Its lightweight architecture scales easily to support the performance requirements of high tra∞c data center environments.

openlegacypngOpenLegacy – The OpenLegacy approach allows integrating back-end systems of record through APIs to various systems of engagement such as mobile or web. It even provides an easy and risk-free way of delivering secure managed cloud services without re-hosting or changing current applications or platforms.

b_signals560200Signals Analytics – Signals Intelligence Streams isolate meaningful signals from big data & transforms them into specific actions that drive commercial decision making with a higher probability of success with less risk.

Logo_bigSiemplify – Siemplify ThreatNexus is a security orchestration and incident response platform designed for the entire security operation to manage, investigate, and automate threat response from a single pane of glass.

This program was made possible thanks to generous contributions from the Cincinnati Regional Business Committee (CRBC) and the Nielsen Company, in partnership with Procter and Gamble’s Israel House of Innovation, REDI Cincinnati and Cintrifuse.

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