Innovation and Healthcare – IX Health 2016

cthtzo_wcaugcu4September 29, 2016 saw the second annual Innovation Xchange Healthcare Edition. Payors, providers, employers and startups converged on Union Hall for a round of talks and breakout session all devoted to the future of healthcare.

Aaron McKethan, Co-Founder of RxAnte, kicked off the morning with a talk around the industry and what steps it can take to innovate better and smarter. One of his key audience takeaways was to focus on new ideas that really cause change. Shoot for ideas that will truly move the needle, not the things that will only improve your business and the healthcare system by half percents. In other words, invest time in paradigm shifts as opposed to shiny new iterations of old ideas. As he put it “Focus on and understand the nonsense you’re trying to solve.”

He also challenged the audience to think at scale. According to McKethan, one-off fixes and point solutions won’t get the healthcare industry where it needs to go. As healthcare entrepreneurs create solutions, they have to have the big picture in mind. That means your solution needs to work for every component of the system and integrate with it wholly. He also touched on how imperative it is for healthcare startups to become policy experts. If you don’t understand how federal and state policy effects the industry then you won’t be creating companies that will truly revolution how our country gets its healthcare.

After McKethan’s opening address, the audience split up into one of three breakout sessions. Each of the three sessions focused on a particular theme – unleashing data, patient engagement and patient access. Lead by a moderator, each breakout session included a panel of startups that fielded questions and shed light on their particular area of expertise.

The morning wrapped up with a talk from Rachel Kohler, CEO of NowPow. A knowledge utility company, NowPow powers undeserved communities by providing people the vital information they need to stay well and live long. Overall, it was an informative day. And it served as proof that StartupCincy has the right to win the healthcare vertical.

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