IBM Supports #StartupCincy Entrepreneurs

Guess what? IBM digs #StartupCincy!

So much so that Cintrifuse is pleased to announce a couple of cool things. First, all #StartupCincy entrepreneurs can now access free IBM cloud services and receive up to $120,000 IBM Cloud credit.

Programs you can access are:

  • Softlayer – IBM’s cloud platform that provides a global cloud infrastructure built at internet scale with a full-featured API
  • Bluemix – a single solution environment with instant resources and infrastructure to develop and deploy apps across multiple domains
  • Cloudant – a fully-managed NoSQL cloud database accessible through Bluemix.

In addition to these services, #StartupCincy entrepreneurs also get go-to-market support, business mentorship and technical expertise.

All you have to do is apply for IBM’s Global Entrepreneur program to take advantage of these offers. To qualify for the program, your startup has to have been in business for less than 5 years and have less than $1 million in revenues during the last 12 months.

IBM created a URL specifically for #StartupCincy where you can learn more and apply to their program –

Also,  if you’re a startup in the healthcare industry and cloud technology is on your radar, check out IBM SmartCamp in Chicago. It’s an awesome pitch opportunity with IBM and Technori that you can participate in on August 25th, 2015. Ten global semi-finalists will be invited to demo and learn at LAUNCH Scale and LAUNCH Festival and one startup will land a spot is Jason Calacanis’ LAUNCH Incubator with a $25,000 investment. Click here if you’re interested in registering.

We worked with IBM to ensure that benefits are available to everyone in #StartupCincy so please feel free to share this with any and every entrepreneur you know in our ecosystem! And stay tuned, this is just the first of many tech partnerships Cintrifuse is working on for #StartupCincy entrepreneurs!

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