Busta Rhyme Christmas party

How Your Startup Can Throw A Busta Rhymes Christmas Party

When people talk about the benefits to having your startup in the Midwest the same thing comes up time and time again. Cost-of-living.

Everyone talks about it, but no one puts it in perspective. So what can your startup save by being in Cincinnati? Well let’s look at the cost of one developer.

In San Francisco the average annual salary for a web developer is $85,881. In Cincinnati, that salary is $63,380. That means for one web developer, your startup could save $22,501 annually.

Not too bad. But what could you do with all that money? I’m glad you asked.

You could have…

1,648 sq. ft. of Office SpaceSnap 2015-03-23 at 10.20.04

With the average price per sq. ft. of $13.65, you can lease about 1,648 sq. ft. of office space. With all that extra room you could add a roller rink to your office.

14 Wallabies

That’s right, 14 female wallabies from Kangaroo Cottage. Give them away at conferences or store office supplies in their pouches.

A Part Time Developer

Develop at 1.5 times the speed.

19 Troy Ounces of Goldimages (1)

Deck yourself out in some serious bling or bury it out back like an old prospector. Either is a solid choice.

25 MacBook Airs

You could be the Oprah of MacBooks. You get a MacBook and you get a MacBook and you get a MacBook!

2.8 Tons of Haribo Gummy Bears

Literally 2.8 tons of gummy bears – 5,769 pounds of Haribo deliciousness. Be careful with this purchase though, your dental costs will go through the roof.

And last but definitely not least, you could have…

Busta Rhymes Perform at Your Christmas Party

pxjfkeaxlkqjbuzyeeoyWell sort of.

According to this, it will cost you $40,000 to have Busta make an appearance. But you’re halfway to throwing the best Christmas party ever.

So the next time your wondering how much you could actually save by having your startup in Cincinnati just remember – Busta Rhymes Christmas Party.

















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