1. Where can I find information about member programming?

Information about our programming is available on the StartupCincy calendar which can be found ​here. Programming information will also come in a direct email invite from Kellie Kuzmuk.


2. How do I access the Subject Matter Expert Network?

As a startup, you are going to come across challenges you are not quite sure how to approach. To access our network of subject matter experts, please send Kellie Kuzmuk a forwardable email with a little about your company and the type of guidance you are looking for and I will connect you with an SME in the network who can help!


3. What types of partnership discounts and services does Cintrifuse offer?

We have partnerships with various technology companies for our members. You can learn more about our partnerships ​here. If you don’t see what you are looking for, let us know!


4. How do EY hours work?

EY partners with Cintrifuse to provide (FREE!) business guidance to our member start-ups. Check out their scope of services ​here​ and let us know if you are in need of assistance on any of these areas.


5. What is the funding connections process?

First, update your Sigma profile to indicate you are fundraising and the amount you are raising. Next, we will meet in-person to dive into your strategy and metrics. Next, we work to find a fit. This requires some homework on your part as you will need to build out your investor pipeline with folks in your vertical. We operate on a double opt-in principle — this means we will only make a connection once we get a “yes” from the VC.

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