HCDC Business Showcase & Innovation Village

pat-longo-hcdc-business-showcaseSometimes we get wrapped up in the digital world and forget there are companies in #StartupCincy doing amazing things besides developing software. Things like making carbon nanotubes that NASA will use for satellites.

Which is why it was great to see HCDC host their first ever Business Showcase and Innovation Village. The event was a good opportunity to see some of the Cincinnati companies in the maker space and advanced manufacturing industries present their ideas.

It’s easy to be envious of other ecosystems like San Francisco, New York and Austin. But Cincinnati, and the Great Lakes Regions as a whole, has an important differentiator from these communities. Namely, our manufacturing roots. Companies like GeckoTek that makes build surfaces for 3D printers and General Nano that manufactures high-performance, light-weight products for the aerospace and defense industries make our ecosystem more diverse and leverage the manufacturing and logistics infrastructure our region has been building since the Industrial Revolution.

That’s not to say there weren’t any cool companies in the software space at the Business Showcase, because there were. But the event was a good reminder that there is more to our ecosystem than meets the eye.

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