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Grilled Cheese Donuts and Corporate Innovation – NewCo Downtown

Take a break from your cubicle and find out how you can start working like a startup at your corporate job. NewCoNew Co Downtown Downtown features events that highlight #StartupCincy’s corporate strengths and showcases the cooperation between our entrepreneurs and BigCos.

• Starting up in Cincinnati (Strap, Hello Parent, LISNR, Casamatic) – Local startup founders from Strap, Hello Parent, LISNR and Casamatic will share the journeys that took them from accelerator, through fundraising, to pilots and new business. The panel will take place in the brand new 84.51˚ building downtown. Coffee and refreshments will be served.

Happiness Is A Grilled Cheese Donut (Tom+Chee) – Founder Trew Quackenbush explains how to keep the soul of a small company and how to win the hearts and minds of customers while scaling. It’s a process that starts before anyone walks into a Tom+Chee and hinges on finding the right franchisee. Trew will walk through how they changed their franchise selection process to make sure that only the right franchisees get on board.

Thinking, Acting and Working Like a Startup in a Corporate Environment (LPK) – Innovation labs, internal garages and skunk works projects are a huge trend in business driven by principles and processes from the startup world. But there’s more to do after you arranged your white boards and given everyone sharpies, post-its and nerf guns. Join us for an unfiltered conversation of what it really means to bring a startup mentality to the corporate reality.

The Innovation of Social Entrepreneurship: Special feature on Women in the Startup Community (Cerkl, Activate Cincinnati, Starfire, Girl Develop It, Bad Girl Ventures) – Learn how social entrepreneurs are tackling poverty, loneliness felt by people with disabilities, lack of female programmers, and the women founder shortage. Gain a sneak peek into the innovation used by these social entrepreneurs that helps them capitalize on the assets of their communities and engage their audiences 4-5x higher than the national average. This session will feature all female entrepreneurs and how they are thriving in the Cincy startup ecosystem. Cocktails with heavy hors d’oeuvres sponsored by Montgomery Inn Boathouse on the waterfront will follow this session.

Innovate and Grow like a Startup (Garage Group) – Participants will be part of a fully immersive experience into why The Garage Group exists, our mission and how we enable corporations to innovate and grow like startups. Through this process, participants will have fun learning how we curate insights and trends, apply various associative thinking techniques all while leveraging custom business model canvases to drive 100s of ideas for real-world innovation needs.OTR NewCo Tickets



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