Graffiti Artists Deface Union Hall Lobby and ChoreMonster Announces Frank Rumpnoodle New CEO – This Week in #ChiliconValley

Ithis-week-in-chiliconvalley4n a surprise move this week, ChoreMonster announced a new CEO, Frank Rumpnoodle. Rumpnoodle has been the Junior Assistant Vice Associate Manager of ChoreMonster for the past 5 years. “I’m really excited to be taking the helm,” said Rumpnoodle “It’s about time my hard work was rewarded.”

Former CEO Chris Bergman was unavailable for comment but it is believed he will be taking a menial position in the Monster Carnival. Probably washing dishes or sweeping floors. To learn more about Choremonster’s new CEO check out this interview.


In other news, Eric Weissmann, former Director of Marketing at Cintrifuse, was promoted to Chief Subterranean Officer this week. When asked to comment on his new role Eric hissed “My precious” and ambled off into the lagering tunnels with a wild, fiery look in his eyes.





A crime wave hit #ChiliconValley this week too. One of the walls in Union Hall was tagged by a graffiti artist. While the work is impressive, the damages are estimated to be in the neighborhood of $12 USD. A $50 USD reward is available to anyone with information about the crime.




Plenty more happened this week so take a spin through the deck in case you missed something.

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