What is going on Thursdays at Union Hall?

Co95jEdVMAAJ0WBGlad you asked! One of the best resources for startups is other entrepreneurs! While entrepreneurial relationships may not be prioritized in a world where rapid growth and raising the next round are often top of mind, the power of a strong entrepreneurial network can yield unexpected outcomes.

With this in mind, the vertical specific meet-up was born. We came into the first 2 meet-ups with a hypothesis that entrepreneurs in similar verticals might face the same challenges. We quickly realized in our “Marketing Automation” meet-up, most of the entrepreneurs in attendance really didn’t consider themselves to be in marketing automation. Instead, they gravitated toward discussing lead generation in their particular market.

The buzz continued – we began to get feedback from the community that StartupCincy was craving consistent gatherings hosted at Union Hall that they could plan for and count on each week.

We listened. In true startup fashion, we are pivoting – rather than convening by industry, we will host weekly recurring gathering of entrepreneurs from any industry to discuss growth hacking strategies in a particular functional area.

The first Thursday of the month will focus on Marketing, second Thursday of the month will be Finance/Fundraising, third Thursday will be Product Dev/Business Model, and the final Thursday will be a Wildcard session.

By attending, Cintrifuse members will be able to learn from and share their experiences with the group, gain exposure to new industries and business models, be challenged by those outside their industry, and make connections with other local entrepreneurs around a problem/solution area. We hope to see you there!


Kellie Kuzmuk

As Cintrifuse’s Program Manager, Kellie creates and oversees all of Cintrifuse’s programming for member startups. She is passionate about working with entrepreneurs and thrilled to be a part of Cintrifuse’s mission to turn Cincinnati into the premier startup destination for the Midwest.

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