From BigCo to NewCo – Four #StartupCincy Entrepreneurs Who Got Their Start in a Corporation

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits BigCos provide #StartupCincy is a proving ground for talented entrepreneurs. Cutting your teeth at a large corporation is a great way to learn the in’s and out’s of the industry you want to disrupt.

These are just four #StartupCincy founders that got their start at a BigCo and then moved on to do amazing things.


rodney-williams-lisnr-ceoRodney Williams, CEO and Co-Founder at Lisnr – From 2008 to 2012, Rodney worked for P&G as a brand manager. In 2012, he took the leap from BigCo to NewCo and co-founded Lisnr. Which worked out pretty well for him. $4.4 million in funding, a trip to the White House and a recent deal with Visa.

Follow Rodney on Twitter @rodneybwilliams

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1bb64efBob Gilbreath, President and Co-Founder at Ahalogy – Bob started as a Brand Manager at P&G, moved to Possible where he become Chief Strategy Officer in 2010 and became CincyTech’s EIR in 2011. During his time at CincyTech he met Michael Wohlschlaeger and the rest is history.

Follow Bob on Twitter @mktgwithmeaning

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32257a0Mike Sarow, CEO and Co-Founder at Kapture – After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Mike left his career at P&G to start Kapture. And we’re all glad he finally shaved that beard.

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17ae490Alex Burkhart, CEO and Founder of Tixers – Alex got his start at Macy’s and then in 2013 he left it all behind to join the UpTech accelerator’s second class. Tixers eventually sold to OneUp Sports.

Follow Alex on Twitter @burk3113

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The shift from corporate employee to startup founder can be intimidating. But the nice thing about our ecosystem is there are plenty of people willing to help. So if you have an idea that’s been gnawing at the back of your head for years, maybe now’s the time to try and make it a reality.

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