Diversity and Inclusion Track – NewCo Cincy

image_461For NewCo this year we’re trying something a little different. We’ve curated eight track around different themes. One of those tracks is Diversity and Inclusion.

These sessions all revolve around diversity of ideas, experience and people. The Diversity and Inclusion track highlights NewCos owned and operated by minorities. It also features organizations that help minority owned businesses succeed. This track offers you the opportunity to contribute to the discussion on how we ensure everyone prospers from our economic development efforts.

Companies in this track include HYUR Staffing Services where you can learn how to get noticed by hiring managers. You can also hear from LISNR, the startup that uses inaudible tones to enable connected experiences that otherwise wouldn’t happen.  Or you can find out how to build identity and self-worth with hip-hop at Elementz‘s session.

Here are just a few more sessions in the Diversity and Inclusion track.

ConnXus – Hear Rod Robinson, ConnXus CEO, talk about why a culture a diversity matters to Millennials. The presentation will also discuss moving from supplier diversity to supplier inclusion.

Skinny Mom – Brooke Griffin, Founder and CEO of bought back her company from investors and is transforming the business model to expand in different markets and increase revenue opportunities. Listen to how Brooke went from Founder to CEO as she transformed a small mom blog with a handful of visitors to a healthy living brand for women across the world.

MORTAR – Learn how MORTAR supports non-traditional entrepreneurs in developing communities by providing access to a pop-up space and business training for entrepreneurs who have been traditionally marginalized.

Corporate and Ohio Against The World – A panel disscussion and Q&A featuring local fashion industry mavens including Matt Tomamicahel, Owner, Corporate, Asha Daniels, Project Runway Finalist, and Floyd Johnson, Founder, Ohio Against The World.

Intrinzic – A work session that involves hands on engagement into practices that help to find focus and action-on inspiration that can help to amplify innovation. This workshop combines sharing of ideas, encouraging others to share theirs and collaboratively engaging in exercises – no sitting back and passively watching going on here!

There’s plenty of other sessions in the track as well as seven other tracks to look at. So be sure to check those out and be sure to grab your tickets for NewCo Cincy 2016.




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