Companies at the Next Tech Frontier Event | Harnessing Value of Cloud

On June 14, Cintrifuse is excited to showcase our Active Network with the our next Tech Frontier event, Harnessing the Value of Cloud. On the 14th, join us as we learn how to leverage enterprise cloud technology and elevate your business via two featured speakers and six trailblazing tech startups.

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Check out who is joining us.

Featured Speakers

Jon Osborn

Title: AVP, Great American Insurance Group

About: Osborn’s session will present how the Great American Insurance Group was able to navigate a sea of “no”, to build sponsors and champions, and transform software delivery through cloud native technologies and culture.

Osborn was a leader behind the effort to bring modern development and cutting edge data management to a successful P&C insurance company.

LinkedIn: Click here.


Rob Thornton

Title: Digital Strategy and Innovation Practice, Pivotal Labs

About: Thornton’s session will explain how you bring a new product vision to market, accelerate your existing development efforts and prepare your team to bring agile practices in-house; and his team can help you achieve this by gaining total organizational commitment.

Thornton’s mission is to Transform the Way the World [Builds/Consumes/Secures/CDs/Monitors] Software.

LinkedIn: Click here.

Panel Moderators

Tonya McKinney

Title: Executive, Digital, CX and Innovation, Tata Consultancy Services

About: McKinney will moderate our ‘Running Cloud as a Business’ session to help uncover the details behind financials, capacity planning, metrics and more. McKinney in her own words:

“As an executive and advisor for both start-ups and multi-national, multi-billion dollar companies, I’ve found that companies that succeed are highly responsive…responsive to customers, responsive to employees. My passion is to help companies become truly Responsive Enterprises. Digital technologies such as social, mobile, big data, and cloud are the enablers to deeper customer insight and engagement, but a culture of ardent listening and action is the key to success.”

LinkedIn: Click here.


Bruce Maxfield

Title: Lead Enterprise Architect, LexisNexis

About: Maxfield is a thought leader driving adoption of AWS cloud computing across enterprise from initial pilots through business case development to program execution. He’s developed both cloud native and large scale hybrid application architectures with global footprint totaling $14mM in annual AWS expenses with LexisNexis in his current role.

LinkedIn: Click here.


Blair Garrou

Title: Managing Director, Mercury Fund

About: Garrou will lead our ‘Different Technology and Business Models for Data vs CPU’ panel.

Since the late 90’s, Blair Garrou has focused on funding, operating and incubating startup software companies. Blair is a Managing Director of Mercury Fund, a Houston-based seed-stage venture capital firm. Mercury seeks to invest in extraordinary entrepreneurs and innovation originating in the US Midcontinent.

LinkedIn: Click here.

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Featured Startups


About: Astronomer is an enterprise-grade data engineering platform that allows any developer to jump directly into creating and managing data pipelines quickly and effectively. The platform includes a Heroku-like CLI capability to deploy the pipelines, as well as a New Relic-like interface to monitor and troubleshoot running pipelines. Built on leading open source tools including Kubernetes, Airflow, Prometheus, and Grafana — we have also been building and curating a library of open-source Airflow connectors for the past year.


From our Active Network: Cintrifuse member


2nd Watch

About: “We help large enterprises adopt and manage the public cloud. The most important difference between 2nd Watch and our competitors is that we are problem solvers first. We focus on helping companies deploy technology that solves complex, ambiguous problems that enterprises face in order to deliver positive outcomes in the cloud.”


From our Active Network: Madrona Venture Group



About: “Authentic8 is redefining how the browser is used to access sensitive web data. Silo, our flagship product, is a cloud-based secure browser. Silo secures access to sensitive sites, creating an insulation layer between the computer and the web service. Silo helps manage login credentials, access controls and data use policies.”


From our Active Network: Foundry Group



About:DivvyCloud delivers comprehensive policy-driven security, compliance and governance for cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure, GCP, VMware, OpenStack, etc).  Our software performs real-time discovery of connected clouds, distills this data into actionable insights, and then makes it easy to configure policies that are automatically enforced across all clouds and accounts/subscriptions.  In essence, we provide virtual guardrails for security, compliance, and governance that help customers like GE, Discovery, and Fannie Mae go big and go fast in the public cloud, but still stay secure and compliant.


From our Active Network: StartupCincy company



About: Faction is the multi-cloud platform-as-a-service company, managing cloud infrastructure at scale.


From our Active Network: River Cities Capital Funds is developing the world’s fastest and most efficient real-time stream processing software engine.


From our Active Network: Mercury Fund



About:Replicated enables software companies to leverage their cloud-native architecture to ship the enterprise version of their applications in a modern on-prem fashion.


From our Active Network: Boldstart Ventures

Register: Tech Frontier Series | Harnessing the Value of Cloud on June 14

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