“Like Griffey coming home – but for business” | City reacts to CEO announcement

Cintrifuse today announced the appointment of Pete Blackshaw as its new Chief Executive Officer.  Blackshaw served as Global Head of Digital and Social Media, and more recently as Vice President of Digital Innovation & Service Models at Nestlé, S.A.

Pete is no stranger to Greater Cincinnati.  He began his career here in the 1990s and built a startup in Over-the-Rhine, before his career lifted him away and (eventually) out of the country. So, Cincinnati was no stranger to Pete, either.

Pete’s appointment to CEO of Cintrifuse was met with a fanfare of local and national excitement from business leaders, community builders and innovators across the industry – appearing in national publications such as AdAge and MarTech Advisors.

Here are some of the best reactions throughout the web:


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