Emily Geiger, Patrick Henshaw promoted to VPs at Cintrifuse

We’re excited to announce the promotions of Emily Geiger and Patrick Henshaw. Geiger will take on the role of Vice President, BigCo Innovation and Henshaw is now Vice President, Growth, Startups and Technology.

Emily and Patrick’s new responsibilities support Cintrifuse’s mission of amplifying what makes our region different: Greater Cincinnati specializes in providing high growth startups access to “big hairy problems” identified by complex organizations (corporates and institutions) that put an emphasis on TECHNOLOGY to drive their growth and/or efficiency.

Emily Geiger, VP of BigCo Innovation

Geiger’s focus builds on her lead role at Spry Labs and aligns with Cintrifuse’s Customer Connections program. Here, “BigCo” stands for “Big Corporation” as well as “Big COMPLEX organizations,” not limited to corporations, but inclusive of healthcare systems, cities and municipalities.

“We want to work alongside BigCos to both accelerate and expand their innovation strategies,” said Geiger. “We’ll do this with a combination of Cintrifuse resources and our Active Network — accelerators, venture capital, universities and other BigCos.  A point of differentiation for Cintrifuse is how we leverage and partner with our community at-large.”

Since its launch, the Cintrifuse Customer Connections program has tracked over 90 pilots (paid engagements) facilitated between startups and BigCos, totalling $1.4 million in closed contracts. Since its inception 18 months ago, Spry Labs has also been busy delivering 24 paid engagements with BigCos. The venture building studio will also be spinning up its first new company this spring: Benny, a community impact tracker that monitors social impact for healthcare systems.

Patrick Henshaw, VP of Growth, Startups & Technology

Henshaw’s area of focus is wide-ranging and leverages his entrepreneurial background — Cintrifuse member management/programming, our technology platforms and growing our regional footprint, specifically including Northern Kentucky.

“Entrepreneurs have always been our number one priority at Cintrifuse,” said Henshaw. “They’re the ones with the bold ideas and the bravery to bring them to life — they’re the ones we focus on. Ultimately, all of our connections and program work bring value to our entrepreneurs and their startups. It’s vital that startup founders get on our radar so we can connect them to customers and capital. If we get these teams ahead of the game, they’ll move the whole region forward.”

Cintrifuse is at 315 members and growing. As they fold into our Active Network, startups get closer to funding (if that’s what they’re looking for), connect with enterprise customers (if so inclined) and gather a better way of staying in touch to each other.

Rounding out the Leadership Team

Geiger and Henshaw join Eric Weissmann and Sarah Anderson as a part the Cintrifuse leadership team reporting directly to CEO Wendy Lea.

This past November, Weissmann was promoted to VP of Communication, Community and Economic Inclusion — a move signaling Cintrifuse’s intention to aggressively recruit, develop and retain ethnic and gender diversity in our ecosystem.

Anderson has been working as the Syndicate Fund Manager since her promotion in March of 2016. The fund is the central core of the entire Cintrifuse model — a fund of funds investing in venture capital firms throughout the country. These VCs return not only dollars to the region, but also, innovation to our corporate investors.

“This strategic alignment was a necessary turn of the crank for our organization,” said Wendy Lea, CEO of Cintrifuse since 2014. “We have changed conditions in our region and as an organization are evolving. We still have plenty of work to do, but we’re up for the challenge and positioned to deliver on our goal to be the premier destination for technology in the Midwest.

To see more about Cintrifuse’s growth in the past three years, check out our recent blog post.

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