Cintrifuse releases first-ever impact report

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CEO Pete Blackshaw, in our first-ever impact report, set out goals for the StartupCincy region, which includes making Greater Cincinnati the No. 1 tech startup hub in the Midwest.

In Pete’s letter, he laid out manh goals, including doubling the number of startups with venture funding in the region over the next two years and tripling the amount of venture capital coming to the region in the next three years.

Press coverage: [Cincinnati Business Courier] Cintrifuse CEO: We want to double the number of venture-backed startups

Cintrifuse also in the midst of closing the second round of our Syndicate Fund – a “fund of funds” that invests in other venture funds to create a network of VCs that can get involved and invest in Cincinnati.

“We have nearly $100 million invested in venture capital and at work,” Blackshaw writes. “Our funds have exceeded target returns and are among top-quartile performers. Our funds enable us to get Cincinnati on the venture capital map.”

The report cites the more than 700 startups that have gone through our pipeline, with one-third of those having attracted seed and later-stage investment.

Cintrifuse has 153 active members, with 28% of those minority-owned and 12% women-owned.

Cintrifuse pulls numbers from financial database PitchBook, which show an increase in regional risk capital growth from $25 million in 2011 to $176 million in 2018, a 7X increase in growth.

To be sure, many groups throughout the region work to invest in and attract outside capital to startups, like CincyTech, Queen City Angels, HCDC, the Brandery, Hillman Accelerator, UpTech, Mortar, Ocean Accelerator and more. Many larger startups have become regional or national targets for investors as well based solely on their own work.

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