Cintrifuse Reaches Milestone

Cintrifuse recently reached a significant milestone in its growth as it welcomed its 100th member – Cerkl, an online platform helping schools and similar organizations simplify their outbound communications.

Cintrifuse rolled out its member program in April of this year. Before then, to enjoy Cintrifuse services, entrepreneurs needed to be residents – physically leasing space from Cintrifuse (currently in temporary space in the central business district of Cincinnati, eventually re-locating to renovated buildings in June in Over The Rhine). In order to increase its impact and expand the network, Cintrifuse listened to entrepreneurs from the region and began tailoring its offerings in line with what startups needed most.

Cintrifuse offers its members five services:

  • Advisory services – guidance from leading experts.
  • Funding connections – angel investors and venture capital firms.
  • Customer connections – driving innovation for corporations and growth for startups.
  • Talent connections – providing founders with talent needed to build their businesses faster.
  • Space – vibrant, creative, and collaborative work environment for startups.

“Input from startups and ecosystem partners helped us define services that are most needed by entrepreneurs and will get them to the next stage of their growth,” offers Nancy Koors, Cintrifuse interim CEO. “We were established with the endorsement of the business community to fill gaps in the ecosystem and help broaden the appeal of the entire region to be an attractive place where entrepreneurs thrive. This milestone tells me Greater Cincinnati is clearly on the right path.”

Cintrifuse startup members represent multiple verticals – healthcare technology, software platforms, hardware devices, content marketers, app developers and more. They also run the gamut from the prototypical ‘two guys working in their basement’ to startups with millions of dollars in revenue looking for that validating big customer. “We’re pulling entrepreneurs out of the woodwork,” says Jordan Vogel, Cintrifuse director of entrepreneurial ecosystem. “We had a hunch there were more entrepreneurs than the ecosystem was aware of and it’s amazingly gratifying to see that hunch validated with our four-fold increase in membership over the past several months.”

Member #100 has an impressive pedigree: Cerkl, the latest venture from Tarek Kamil, the innovator behind and InfoMotion Sports, a mentor at accelerators the Brandery and UpTech. Tarek has been a part of the startup ecosystem for the better part of a decade and sees in Cintrifuse exactly what this region needs. “The evolution of Cintrifuse has truly been amazing,” says Kamil. “They have positioned themselves as the region’s go-to entrepreneurial resource which is open to everyone. Speaking from experience, Cerkl has already benefitted tremendously from the services offered by Cintrifuse. We’re truly fortunate to have them in Cincinnati.”

Cintrifuse plans to celebrate the 100-member milestone by donating 100 volunteer hours (between staff and member startups) to beautifying its new neighborhood of Over The Rhine.

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