Cintrifuse Promotes Eric Weissmann to VP of Communication, Community and Economic Inclusion

Cintrifuse recently announced the promotion of Eric Weissmann to Vice President of Communication, Community and Economic Inclusion.  This expansion of duties will continue to develop the organization’s mission of fostering a tech-based economy for the Greater Cincinnati region. Bringing new faces, new names and new colors into the ecosystem is vitally important for future growth and will be an area of considerable focus.

Weissmann, hired four years ago as the Director of Marketing at Cintrifuse, was a member of the founding team and has been instrumental in establishing the branding/messaging of the Over-the-Rhine-based non-profit.  His work is behind many of their signature programs — Innovation Xchange, IXHealth — as well as community-wide events such as NewCo, FounderCon and last month’s Startup Week. Weissmann also leads the team credited with igniting the StartupCincy effort, evolving it from just a social media hashtag to a movement and now a reputable community recognized coast-to-coast.

“In the early days of Cintrifuse, we had to figure a lot of things out on our own — there was no blueprint for a corporate-supported fund-of-funds/innovation catalyst and ecosystem builder,” said Weissmann. “Now, four years later, we’ve got a list of over two dozen cities asking us how we did it. It’s thrilling to look back and realize just how much we’ve accomplished as a team and as a region.”

“Eric is our rock,” said Wendy Lea, CEO of Cintrifuse. “He keeps everyone focused on the story so none of us lose the plot — he’s our in-house historian. And any time you’re talking about an organization that’s complicated like ours, you really need that consistency so no one gets distracted. Eric’s the one who puts the candles in the lighthouse.”  

Weissmann added that his key areas of focus remain ensuring the Cintrifuse story is solid and understood by stakeholders; now adding stronger outbound efforts in to other ecosystems as well as emphasis on diversity and inclusion. “It’s about growing the pie,” Weissmann added. “Getting more people onboard so we can all execute faster – that’s the way we’ll have the biggest impact.”

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