Cintrifuse Member Gathering 12/2/2015

On December 2nd, 2015 we invited out members to Union Hall for our quarterly Member Update. It was a great opportunity to see our fellow #StartupCincy colleagues and catch up on what Cintrifuse has done during the final quarter of 2015.

[pullquote]#StartupCincy is for you, so you can tell your story.
– Wendy Lea CEO, Cintrifuse[/pullquote]

And, overall, things are going great! As we plan for 2016 some of what Cintrifuse does will change or be modified but, overall, our ecosystem continues to gain momentum. Which is why it is more important than ever for our community to get engaged. As Wendy Lea put it last night “#StartupCincy is for you – so you can tell your story.” Our community will only grow and become stronger the more community members engage, take leadership roles and tell their story and the story of our ecosystem. So if you’ve been thinking to yourself “I really should do more to get involved” there’s no better time than today.

The biggest announcement of the evening was the prospect for Cincinnati to host FounderCon in 2016. FounderCon is an event put on by TechStars where founders who gradated one of their affiliate accelerators are invited to come together to learn and network. Historically, the event took place in Boulder, CO or Austin, TX but, thanks to the tenacity of Cintrifuse’s team, we are now in the conversation.CVQOBOZU4AI0fYj (1)

Hosting this event would be a huge win for our ecosystem. It would put a national spotlight on the region and pack Cincinnati with over 800 quality founders from across the country. Nothing is set in stone but everyday we are closer to getting the OK from FounderCon’s organizers.

No Member Gathering would be complete without a little fun. In particular, a little beer fun. At December’s Member Gathering Cintrifuse also unveiled Beer Baron Bingo. Teams of four took turns tasting Domestics, Imports, Cincinnati beer and swill beer and guessing what the beer was.

So we also want to take the opportunity to congratulate #StartupCincy’s first ever Beer Baron Bingo champions, Alex Burkhart, Andy Jobe, Casey Williams and Joey Blankemeyer!

Thanks to everyone who came out and let’s keep the energy up for 2016!

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