Cintrifuse leaders appear on ‘Origins’ podcast

While travelling on business to New York City this past month, two members of the Cintrifuse leadership team jumped over to Brooklyn and appeared on Notation’s ‘Origins’ podcast – a podcast about venture capital and limited partners.

Emily Geiger, VP of BigCo Innovation, and Sarah Anderson, the Syndicate Fund Managing Director, joined Origins host Nicolas Chirls to explain unique structure of Cintrifuse and its Fund.

Emily and Sarah are responsible for two critical components of Cintrifuse – the Fund and corporate innovation. Sarah runs the fund of funds that invests in VC managers across the country. Emily focuses on bridging partnerships, as well as exploring new potential areas for innovation and collaboration between large companies in the Cincinnati region and the broader U.S. startup community.

“Cintrifuse is unlike any other we’ve had on the Origins pod,” said Origins host Nicolas Chirls. “Made up of a diverse group of people, funds, startups, big companies, and ideas all dedicated to establishing a stronger tech presence in Cincinnati.”

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