“Game Your Brand” Workshop

Cintrifuse is officially launching a breakthrough workshop & hack to help companies and brands unlock value from gamification and game mechanics. The program, “Gaming Your Brand,” translates insights from the eSports and gaming culture into real business-and-brand-building opportunities.

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Delivered in single or multi-day windows, the deeply immersive workshop involves world-class trend research, experts, and curated design-thinking. Concrete action steps and concepts are developed as part of the workshop.

“Gamification is a truly disruptive — and highly engaging — step-change in how consumers interact with brands, products, and services. Importantly, it touches every industry, from CGP to health care,” – Cintrifuse Innovation Services Director, Alisa Smith

Hospitals and health providers are translating game mechanics into creative approaches to compliance. Brands like DuoLingo are changing the way people learn through game play. Apple. Nike and FitBit are using game-based incentives to encourage fitness. FinTech players like Mastercard are tapping into gaming engagement to change the way people think about spending and saving. Energy companies and utilities, among others, are using gaming principles to drive more-sustainable behaviors and habit change.

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Downloadable version: Cintrifuse Gamification Services.

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