Cintrifuse bolsters BigCo Innovation team with addition of fmr. startup VP, MBA

Gaby Blocher

Cintrifuse is leveling up — again. Our corporate innovation team has expanded with the addition of Gaby Blocher as a Senior Account Director.

With her, Blocher brings more than half a dozen years of startup experience, a background in consulting and as a Marine Corps officer, an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BS from the United States Naval Academy Executive Officer. Blocher’s primary focus at Cintrifuse will be leveling up relationships with strategic partners and investors at Cintrifuse — Kroger, Procter & Gamble, Western & Southern and more.

“I’m thrilled to join a Cincinnati-based and Cincinnati-focused organization,” says Blocher. “Although I was raised in Cincinnati, my professional career has taken place outside of the region. Bringing back the years of experience to benefit my hometown and the companies in it is an exciting transition — and one I looking forward to.”

Blocher’s years of startup experience yielded both failures and successes — equally important learning experiences, she says. Her experiences with networks, VCs and founders outside of the Midwest are tools she eventually hopes to unlock for local partners in Greater Cincinnati.

“What really excites me about adding Gaby to our BigCo team, is her confidence across multiple industries,” says Emily Geiger, VP of BigCo Innovation at Cintrifuse. “Gaby gets it done. Whether it was in the Marine Corps, in a fledgling startup or a rolling up her sleeves and rocking her independent consulting — she just nails it.”

As Blocher integrates with the Cintrifuse team, she’ll elevate the resources Cintrifuse provides to BigCos through the InnovationOps and Tech Frontier series — front-row seats to entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders working with emerging technologies.

“I’ve been around a lot of interesting businesses,” says Blocher. “I’ve worked for startups succeeding I’ve worked for startups failing. I’ve had experience doing heady and interesting problem-solving for multi-billion dollar contractors for the US military. I think every part of my past just prepares me for the fast-paced world of innovating with big corporations, startups and all the connections in between.”

Blocher is the second notable addition to the Cintrifuse team in as many months. Just last month, Cintrifuse announced the hiring of David Hollabaugh as the Product Director of Spry Labs. Blocher’s work will intersect with Hollabaugh’s as they help to provide a diverse set of tools and assets to the BigCo Innovation team.

“We have to make sure Cincinnati’s BigCos stay on the bleeding edge,” says Wendy Lea, CEO. “With a robust, experienced and adaptable BigCo team in our office, we’re assuring that our BigCo partners have nothing but the best exposure to our Active Network. It’s a complex body of work we manage and Gaby is uniquely equipped to handle this type of work.”

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