Cincinnati Invented Hustle – FounderCon 2016

cvj5emjwaaatzxnFounderCon has come and gone and in its wake our startup community will see one of the greatest inflection points in its history. When we look back at this event we will say that this was the moment Cincinnati claimed its rightful place among the nation’s best regions for innovation and entrepreneurship. As John Hill, Techstars Network Catalysts, said at the StartupCincy community day, “This puts Cincinnati on the same level as Austin, Chicago, Boulder and Boston.”

Techstars could have chosen any location for their annual conference. Cities that are larger or have a more established reputation as a startup town or a city where Techstars has an accelerator. Instead they chose Cincinnati, they chose StartupCincy. So why is it our startup community attracted the attention of a global powerhouse of startups? Simple, we build serious businesses, we believe in community and we hustle.

The very foundation of Cincinnati was built on entrepreneurship. Built on serious people building serious things. People that build companies the P&G and Western Southern that have been around for 100 plus years.  9 Fortune 500 companies and countless other successful companies call the Queen City home for a good reason. We understand what it takes to build something from scratch. What’s more, we understand how to build things that last. It’s simply in our DNA as Midwesterns, Ohioans and Cincinnatians.

And as much as these companies are the successes of people like  James Gamble and William Procter, it’s also a testament to the community. To the people who stand behind the entrepreneurs and help them achieve their successes. A tradition we still have to this day. In Cincinnati, people are willing to help. In our town you are only a phone call or an email away from an entire community of people in BigCos, in government, in universities or in the startup world who are willing to have a coffee or have a beer and help you create your business.

But neither of those two things would be possible if people weren’t willing to put in the work. To tirelessly pursue their goals and work relentlessly to make themselves, their company and their city successful . “Cincinnati invented hustle,” John Hill proclaimed last night at community day. And we couldn’t agree with him more.

FounderCon marks the most significant expansion of our Active Network to date. The connections StartupCincy made over the last couple days will continue to pay dividends and the effects of the event will be felt for days, months and years to come. But we will only reap these rewards if keep the connections we’ve made throughout the week. Networks need to be maintained so it is up to us to seize this opportunity and propel StartupCincy further than it has ever gone before. Which shouldn’t be too hard for people from the town that invented hustle.

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