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NewCo – Cincinnati's New Startup Event

You might have heard Cintrifuse is bringing a new event to #StartupCincy. On July 23rd, the first ever NewCo Newco Cincinnati NewCo #StartupCincyFestival will take place right here in Cincinnati. NewCo is an amazing opportunity to engage and interact with some of our ecosystem’s most interesting and exciting partners.
This one-day event features presentations and office tours from over 75 #StartupCincy companies. This is your chance to get up close and personal with high-growth companies, arts organizations, economic development organizations and craft brewers.

We wanted to take a little time to let you know what to expect and how to get the most from the NewCo experience.

What Is NewCo?

Besides being awesome, NewCo is like a gallery hop but for startups. Over the last three months, we signed up over 75 startups and organizations in the Cincinnati region to act as host companies. Each of these companies has designed a unique experience at their place of business. The sessions are an hour long and all you have to do is get a ticket and decide which sessions you want to attend.

Whether you want to network, learn more about a specific topic or hit the Cincy craft breweries for tastings, NewCo is a great time to get out and see what #StartupCincy has been up to.

what is newco

Where is New Co.?


But, to make it easier, we broke it up into 5 different regions.

  • OTR-Clifton
  • Downtown
  • NKY
  • East Cincinnati
  • North Cincinnati

So What Should I See?

It’s up to you! There is a wide variety of experiences:  office tours, product demos, workshops, tastings, panel disscusions, Q&As, and yes, some presentations too!

But over the next few weeks we’ll highlight some of the sessions in each region to make it easier to decide. So stay tuned!

NewCo Tickets


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